How To Maintain Cool Temperature In Your Truck In Summer

Heat waves can melt and destroy various parts of your truck during the summer season. When it is hot outside, the temperature becomes extreme inside your truck. For example, when it is 80 degrees, the temperature inside your truck is likely to be 120 degrees or more. 

It is, therefore, essential to have some tips for maintaining your truck during summer. Proper heat regulation will protect your truck and make its cabin a conducive place to be in. Practice these tips to keep your truck cool during summer.

Keep the Engine Cool

Combustion and the summer season can make your engine extremely hot. Higher temperatures can damage the engine’s hoses and cause performance issues.

The coolant and engine oil regulate the temperature of the engine. During summer, the extreme heat can affect them. It is essential to check the coolant and oil levels and top them up when they are low. Keep an eye on the coolant gauge. If the temperature shoots, stop and identify the problem.

Keep the Cabin Cool

The temperatures in the cabin go up very fast during summer. Within only 30 minutes, the cabin’s temperature can rise to 30 degrees when windows are up. A quick increase in temperatures can be deadly for the occupants, especially if they drive long distances. Your truck needs to have an anti-idling system for the air conditioning. It will ensure that the air conditioning system works without stopping even for a second. A good working air conditioning system helps provide cool air in the cabin.

Park Properly

How you park your truck during summer plays a role in cooling it. Always consider parking under a shade. This will protect your steering wheel, dashboard, and leather seats from heat damage.

If the shade is limited, park while the trailer faces the sun. Doing this will shield your cabin from direct sunlight and remain relatively cool.

Have Plenty Water

Water will help you stay hydrated as your body loses water during summer. Use sunscreen to keep off direct sunlight from your eyes. Extreme heat can expose you to cancer risks. It is, therefore, necessary to be hydrated and protect your eyes from the sunlight.

Take Care of The Brakes

High temperatures can interfere with how your brakes function, and you might experience brake fades. The brake fluids heat up when applying brakes, and the extreme summer temperature can make it boil and become less effective. Consider checking the condition of your braking system more regularly to ensure everything is working perfectly. During long trips, consider downshifting. Doing this eases the load on the brakes.

Check Your Tires

The tires suffer during summer, so ensure they have the right tread depth and air pressure. In the morning, your tires will have the right PSI, but as the temperatures rise, the air pressure also increases, making your tires hot. When the tires become hot, stop and let them cool down.


Maintaining your truck temperatures during summer can be hectic. Practicing the above tips will protect your truck from summer damage and give you a comfortable ride.

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