Left Hand Drive Mini Truck

Japanese mini trucks have a long reputation of being high quality vehicles with incredible performance. Their reputation dates back many decades. They are now not just loved in Japan but you can find them anywhere across the globe. They can be relied on for pretty much any kind of work. From construction to farm, they will surely deliver. Among their characteristics includes the fact that they are right hand vehicles. Simply because they were primarily meant to be used in Japan. But bringing it to the United States, one may realize that in some instances, they need left hand drive mini truck vehicles. In this guide, we will go through these left hand driven mini trucks.

Why Would One Need A Left Hand Drive Mini Truck?

Japan operates Right Hand Drive vehicles and that is in accordance with their laws. This means that the drivers sit on the right hand side and then run on left side of the road. This would be the opposite for most of the countries including the United States where most of the vehicles drive on the right side. But this hasn’t been a problem for Japanese mini truck enthusiasts out there. This is simply because they can be useful outside the main interstate highways.

There are however situations where one feels the need to have a Left Hand Drive vehicle. Some areas have strict laws on this while in some areas one would be operating a farm where a left hand vehicle would be ideal. It is these situations that forces one to start looking for left hand drive mini trucks.

How Rare is the left hand drive mini truck

A Left hand drive mini truck is rare if you are talking about Japanese mini trucks. This is simply because these vehicles were made for the Japanese market which have their law requirements to be right hand driven. However, one can come across some Japanese made mini trucks which have been converted to be operated as left hand drives. These mini trucks are usually from the Philippines. Philippines import them from Japan, convert them and then send to the United States and other countries. So, if you are really looking for a Japanese mini truck that is left-hand drive, this is the usual route and where to buy one.

Other than that, the mini trucks that you are likely to come across with left hand driving is the Chinese mini trucks. However, to some people, the quality and performance might not be that impressive. It is much better if they would have to get a Japanese kei truck.


Japanese mini trucks have always stood the test of time. They have always received much love from many people across the globe. But the fact that they are Right Hand Vehicles could pose a challenge to some people depending on the situations that they are in. We have shed light on this above.

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