Does Your Truck Needs Servicing? How To Know When To Do It

With your truck, commuting from home to work or running personal errands can be smooth, but do you know when your truck needs servicing? It is thus essential to take care of it by not assuming the warning signs it will give you.

Upon reading this comprehensive guide, you will understand and be able to know when your truck needs servicing among some common problems your truck will encounter as a sign. When you experience the below signs, never continue driving your truck, but take it to the nearest service shop.

Starting Problems

It is never easy to wake up in the morning and start your daily routine. You will take some time to regain. However, this should be different from your truck. 

If your truck is in good shape, it will start without hesitating. When it fails to start, it has a problem you should not assume. If you try for the second time but it still does not start, your battery or any other part can be faulty. Consider visiting an expert for check-ups and repairs.

Your Truck Starts To Stall

Sometimes, your truck’s engine can stop functioning in the middle of a busy road. This is a good sign that your truck needs servicing. Sometimes if you push the accelerator pedal, your engine might sputter. When you experience stalls, it indicates a serious problem with your truck. Consider taking it to a professional for servicing and check-ups.

The Appearance of the Engine Check Light

The engine check light indicates something is wrong with your truck. If it starts to blink on the dashboard, it indicates serious engine problems, and you should fix your truck before taking it to the road. When the engine check light blinks, you will feel you are driving differently. If you are an experienced mechanic, you can diagnose such an issue alone, but the best option is to take your truck to the professionals for a thorough servicing and check-up.

Exhaust Smoke

Your truck should not produce smoke, but if you start experiencing colored smoke from your exhaust, it indicates a problem. Various engine issues, such as oil leaks and colds, can lead to smoke production in your truck. In case of cold, the smoke is normal since it will disappear as soon as your engine and the exhaust system warm-up. However, if the smoke is colored and has an odor, consider taking your truck for servicing. 


Yet another reason that your truck needs servicing is when you experience leakages. You can easily spot leakages from your truck, especially if you park it for a while. During summer, you will notice a small quantity of water under your truck. Such is not leakage but a result of the AC, so you should never worry.

But if you notice green or black liquid from your truck, it might be coolant, engine oil, or even the transmission fluid leaking. In such a case, consider taking your truck for servicing to determine what is leaking and the cause.


Your engine has various parts, and all these parts work jointly to offer a smooth and reliable ride. For your truck to serve you better, you need to service it. Suppose you forgot the actual date to take your truck for service. The above signs will remind you that the truck needs servicing.

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