Kei Truck Lowering Kit

Kei trucks are amazing vehicles, and anyone who has owned them will tell you that. There are a lot of things to love with these vehicles and this has made them very popular across the globe. These vehicles are now been compared with the pick up trucks. Some people love them more because of their ability to use less fuel and the fact that they are more efficient. A kei truck can either come as a mini truck or as a minivan. The engine and performance of these may be similar but their body design is obviously meant to be used differently. Many people have however modified these kei trucks to their suitability and liking. Among some of the modifications includes lowering the kei truck. With that, one needs to get a kei truck lowering kit.

You must have come across Japanese mini trucks that have been lowered to get a less ground clearance.

Why Lower The Mini Truck

There are several reasons why one would need to make such a modification to their vehicle. Besides increasing their stability, people are always after the aesthetics and the general appearance of their mini truck as a lowered vehicle. People will often tell you that it is a style that they like. One thing that people need to know about lowering the ground clearance of their vehicle is that there may be some disadvantages to it as well.

When you lower the ground clearance of the vehicle, you are limited on the number of roads that you can access. It is very obvious that the body of the vehicle will be more likely to touch the ground. This depends on how low the vehicle is. Using the vehicle in all terrain roads could be difficult. Imagine a situation where you load the mini truck to full capacity and you are moving in an all weather road or a dirt road where it is not all flat. It will definitely be difficult.

Before you consider getting a kei truck lowering kit, these are the things you need to know and understand.

What Is The Process of Lowering A Kei Truck

The most common and well known process that people use to lower their kei truck is with the use of a Kei truck lowering kit. The lowering kit usually features some components and parts, but most importantly it is the spring that is smaller. The spring comes in a way that it doesn’t raise the vehicle so high yet it is still strong and capable of handling their work as required.


Japanese mini trucks are a favorite to many people across the globe. They are incredible in every way. Besides been miniature in size, these vehicles have proven time and time again that they are the light truck to beat. Shared above are insights into kei truck lowering which is something many people consider.

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