Kei Truck Engine Swap Guide

Japanese mini trucks are also known as kei trucks. They are a breed of vehicles that are designed in Japan. These vehicles are unique and tends to resemble large trucks and pick ups only that they are smaller and compact in design. These vehicles have a long history that dates back to the 1950s. They have retained their name and reputation over the years and are loved across the globe today. However, every vehicle is bound to wear and tear. Their performance over the years tend to deteriorate. And this is the same case with these Japanese mini trucks. In this guide, we will share some pointers on ways to do kei truck engine swap.

An engine swap is basically swapping the old existing engine on a vehicle with another one. This process is done with the aim of making the vehicle better in performance. It is necessary and has proven to work in instances where one needs to improve the performance and when there are persistent problems with the old engine.

How To Do Kei Truck Engine Swap

Below are some of the things to keep in mind when doing an engine swap on your kei truck.

Initial Planning

The first step to successful kei truck engine swap is to plan. This is the most important step of them all. Without proper planning, you are doomed from the start. There are a lot of things that goes into planning to make an engine swap than what many people think. If you think it is an easy thing that you can just start without planning, then you are unlikely to succeed.

Match Engine With Chassis

One thing that you surely wouldn’t want to experience is a vehicle with an engine that is floating and not been held to the chassis. That would be total chaos. It definitely won’t last long if you are lucky to have the engine run well on the vehicle. and if you do succeed in making it run, then you could end up making a lot of modifications to get it to work for long. To avoid that, you could simply do your research and make sure that the chassis would mate well with the engine.

Have A Budget

It costs money to make an engine swap. There are a lot of costs that are incurred in the process. The highest cost is obviously acquiring the new engine. But that is not all. You also have to keep in mind the fact that there are customizations to be made. These customizations on parts costs money to do. Labor costs are also there. And with those costs, you need to have a budget in mind.


Doing an engine swap to a vehicle is one surefire way to ensure that you are getting better performance from it. Shared above are pointers that will help you succeed with that.

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