Kei Truck Comparison Guide – How They Differ

Are you a fan of off road vehicles and have been keen to learn about the highly coveted Japanese mini trucks? If so, this is the guide for you. We have been dealing with Japanese mini trucks and have been in the forefront of helping people from across the globe acquire them seamlessly and cheaply. In this comprehensive guide, we will go though the different Kei truck comparison guide to better give you a head-start and better understand these vehicles. It will also help you better understand the perfect one that you should get depending on the type of task that you want to do with it.

The Japanese mini trucks have been made using high quality engineering and top craftsmanship that borrows from decades of experience. This makes these vehicles very dependable and reliable in many different sectors. Whether you would like to move cargo from a remote place, an impassible road or camping in the woods, then a Japanese mini truck with its variant models can help you achieve just that. Below is a comprehensive guide into 5 of the most popular mini truck models in the market.

Top Japanese Kei Truck Comparison

Below we focus on Kei truck comparison and trying to understand each of these mini trucks and what they can be used for.

Dump Bed Mini Truck

Dump bed mini truck is probably the most popular mini truck that one can have. It is well built using heavy duty materials and made to deliver excellent performance. It is the most popular mini truck simply because it is made with a simple dump truck and has a hydraulic system that makes it easy to unload cargo at the back of the truck. It resembles the pick up truck in many ways including how they carry the load through their bed, only that the Kei truck has a hydraulic dumping functionality which is a plus.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

The flat bed mini tuck is yet another great mini truck that is very popular. Like the name suggests, it is made with a bed that is completely flat and unlike the dump bed and other beds that you could find in a pick up truck. The vehicle is meant to be used more flexibly on cargo and loads hat are large or abnormally shaped and in a way cannot be carried using the normal bed truck. This is therefore offering to give users a more convenient and dependable way of carrying such loads.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck

Yet another great mini truck that you need to know about is the scissor lift mini truck. Although not as popular as the dump bed mini truck or the flat bed, this mini truck comes in handy in many situations where one has to elevate the load or need to raise to a higher level to load some cargo. The vehicle is made with a lifting mechanism that is powered by a hydraulic system and is meant to raise the bed to a higher level.

Camper Mini Truck

We all know how campers look like. As much as one can easiyl go and get their own recreational vehicle, the price tag isn’t always that appealing. Sometimes you just have to do more and be creative. And when it comes down to that, you may want to consider having a Japanese mini truck by you since you can easily convert one to become a camper mini truck. There are however camper mini trucks that were originally made with the same intention.

Caravan Kei Mini Truck

There are countless number of Kei trucks, and closing our kei truck comparison guide is the caravan mini tuck. These vehicles have been designed with a closed bed which comes in handy in many instances. Some of the instances where a caravan mini truck would come in handy is when you need to carry cargo that is discreet or need to be covered to avoid exposure to the outside weather. Some caravan mini trucks are designed with coolers which also help transport perishable goods that needs to have a monitored temperature.

The Caravan Kei mini truck can also be easily converted into a food truck which is an incredible business that would have costed a lot of money to begin with. With the fact that the Japanese mini trucks are generally cheap to acquire, this would be a great way to get started. All you will incur is the expenses of customizing and adding some things that converts the mini truck into a food truck.

Final Word

The Japanese mini tucks have stood the test of time and without a doubts, they are very reliable vehicle that can be counted on to deliver. However, understanding them is another thing. This guide features some of the kei truck comparison models that makes out better get an idea of what to expect. It goes without saying that there are over 6 companies that makes the kei truck vehicles, and they are all competitive in making great vehicles.

If you need to get yourself one of the vehicle models that we shared in the kei truck comparison guide above, then you may want to check out our listing page. We will also help you ship the vehicle to wherever you are across the globe.