Japanese mini trucks Gearbox Overview

If you own a Japanese mini truck or at least have admiration for them, then how much do you know about them? How much do you know about the Japanese mini truck gearbox? There is a lot to learn and this might seem very confusing for someone who is new to the whole mechanical thing. However, it is always important to learn these parts so that you can even make any maintenance and repairs when needed. In this guide, we will go through a Japanese mini trucks gearbox overview to help people who do not understand them.

What is a Gearbox?

To start us off, let us start by defining what a gearbox is and its importance in a vehicle. A Japanese mini trucks gearbox is a mechanical device that is found in every fuel-powered vehicle. Its main purpose is to help increase the torque of the vehicle. Torque changing is necessary because with every gear that is selected, the vehicle engine rotation needs to keep changing to provide maximum power.

Inside the gearbox are a number of gears that are designed with different sizes. With the help of a stick that protrudes, the driver can easily switch between the different gears so that a different gear is engaged hence different torque switch. It is with the different torque that one gets to realize and achieve different speed and power when driving.

Manual & Automatic Transmission

A vehicle can either have a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. Older vehicles tend to use the manual transmission while newer models use the automatic transmission. Considering the rules and regulations in United States where there is a 25-year rule on owning a vehicle, most of the Japanese mini trucks in the US are manual.

What is the difference between manual and automatic transmission? The manual transmission means that there is need for driver intervention to switch between one gear to the other. This is done through the use of a gear stick. However, when it comes to automatic transmission vehicles, the whole process is painless and no intervention of the driver is needed. This is done using hydraulic and automated system.

2 Wheel Drive & 4 Wheel Drive Transmission

When it comes to the kei trucks, you will also notice that there are some that have a 2-wheel drive transmission system and others with 4 wheel drive system. This simply means that the vehicle can either engage two wheels or all the 4 wheels. When a vehicle uses a 4 wheel transmission, it means that there is more grip and traction. Such a vehicle will have an easy way around rugged roads and impassible terrains. So, when choosing a kei truck to buy, this is something that you ought to keep in mind.


The Japanese mini trucks stand out as the ultimate lightweight trucks. But one needs to understand a lot about them. Shared above are details on Japanese mini trucks’ gearbox and how they function.

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