Japanese Mini Truck Manufacturers – Who Makes The Mini Trucks?

If you are an auto expert or at least have been keen on the auto wold, then you must know of the Japanese mini truck vehicles and how good they are. They are designed under ingenious engineering and are capable of handling a lot of work.

Unknown to many people, the Japanese mini trucks are a creation of different companies and automakers and not only one brand as many people assume it to be. In this guide, we will go through some of the mini truck manufacturers to give you an idea into the mini truck model.

Similarities In Mini Truck Models

Here are some of the common features, design models and things that makes the different Japanese mini tucks similar and at par with each other.

Specs and Engine Performance

Engineering and mechanics of a vehicle makes it either a good or poor performer. When it comes down to Japanese mini trucks, they are among the best made vehicles which guarantees users good performance.

Whether you are getting a vehicle that you can use for carrying farm produce or construction materials, its performance is paramount. Lucky enough, the Japanese mini trucks are well engineered to deliver. You will love the capabilities and performance it brings, even if it is a second hand vehicle.


Fuel economics is very important when choosing a vehicle to buy. Mini truck manufacturers have always been on the competitive edge innovating and trying to come up with the most economical vehicle. It has been a success and with every new model, it gets better. This is yet another great reason why you should consider getting the Japanese mini trucks. As compared to pick up trucks, they are way more fuel efficient and capable of delivering better per fuel mileage.

Getting a vehicle that uses less fuel and deliver good performance is sometimes hard to come by. The mini trucks have however found a way to make the vehicles fuel efficient and economical.

Low Maintenance

A vehicle that demands less in terms of repairs and maintenance is excellent to say the least. We all hate visiting the mechanic and repair shop often, an this is the vehicle that will not disappoint you.

So, if you are ready to save money while running your vehicle, you need to choose one that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and the mini truck fit the bill here. The maintenance and repair of the Japanese mini trucks as well as is amazing, thanks to incredible engineering.

Solid & Durable

Japanese mini trucks are made with a super heavy duty body and mean to endure even the toughest of roads. These kei trucks are built to last a lifetime and seamlessly run on rough roads. Another thing is their solid chassis structure, hard body design and amazing engineering at work which makes makes the vehicle a good match for any road.

So, if you need a vehicle that will go a long way giving you dependable service for many years to come, then you should consider the kei mini trucks.

Top Mini Truck Manufacturers

Here are some of the best mini truck manufacturers. Brands that have been around for a long time and promise to give car enthusiasts an experience like no other.

Honda Acty Mini Truck

Honda Acty is among the most popular mini trucks in the market. They are marketed almost everywhere across the globe and their services come in handy especially where pick up trucks don’t offer much value. The mini truck needs little in terms of maintenance and repairs and is also lauded by many for its fuel economy.

Daihatsu Hijet Mini Truck

Made by Daihatsu, a well known industry leader that has been around for eons, the Daihatsu Hijet is very promising and dependable in every imaginable way. Daihatsu Hijet also comes in a different It is definitely a kei truck that is worth considering.

Subaru Sambar Mini Truck

Subaru is an industry leader. As much as they are known for their saloon cars, sedans and racing cars, they also boast a significant industry share when it comes to the mini tucks. Their decades of experience in car making has seen them make high performing kei trucks that is very dependable.

Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

Nobody can debate about the quality of Suzuki vehicles. Loved for their excellent hard body, superior performance on and off road, the Suzuki Carry is just phenomenon. I you are seriously looking for an easy to maintain vehicle that you can always count on, then this is one that will get you value for the money.

Mazda Scrum Mini Truck

Mazda has a mini truck dubbed the Mazda Scrum, and although there aren’t many variations to this kei truck like you would find with Hijet and Suzuki Carry, it is still solid and dependable. There aren’t may of them out there as compared to the top popular models like Suzuki Carry, but if you re lucky to find one of the mini trucks, you will appreciate it.

Mitsubishi Mini Truck

mitsubishi mini truck

Although less popular than the other mini truck models discussed above, Mitsubishi has their own kei truck which is very powerful and competent by the mini truck standards. It is therefore worth investing in and having in your list of the best mini truck models to consider when shopping for one.

Having seen the popular mini truck manufacturers and ones that you should consider if you want to buy a kei truck, you should now consider buying one. Should you need a mini truck, then consider checking out our high quality second hand mini trucks in our listing page.

Final Verdict

The mini trucks are amazing vehicle that have stood the test of time. With more than half a dozen models from different brands competing, there is a lot to choose from.

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