Increasing Truck Productivity With Efficient Maintenance

Truck maintenance is a routine that every truck owner must consider performing more regularly to increase productivity. Most truck breakdowns result from poor maintenance. The simplest way to prevent breakdowns is to consider areas prone to regular wear and tear. After identifying such areas, consider checking them before going on a trip.

Truck Maintenance to Increase Productivity

Trucks have various parts that work jointly and independently. General truck maintenance is necessary for your truck’s well-being and good health. However, specific areas need regular maintenance for your truck to keep running smoothly. Here are some parts worth considering.


Tires are the part of your truck that is in contact with the road. The entire weight of the truck also rests on them. Tires are made of rubber for various reasons. The condition of your tires will determine the time you take to and from delivery.

Before going for a trip, consider checking your tire pressure, as poor tire pressure interferes with your truck’s fuel economy. Inspect the treads of tires. Tires with good tread increase safety on the road. Worn-out tires can lead to other issues, such as alignment problems and making your truck hard to control.


The battery is a part of the electrical system responsible for power storage and starting your truck. Changes in seasons affect the health of your battery. Consider checking your battery before winter and summer. 

Apart from seasons, ensure the terminals of your battery are clean and properly fixed. Before going for long hauling, ensure your battery is fully charged.


When it comes to controlling your truck, brakes play an essential role. Ensure your braking system is in perfect condition. Brake lights should be functional as they will alert other road users when you are on the brakes. Inspect and fix leaking brake fluid. Consider testing your brake pedals. If they are softer than usual, check the possible issue and fix it as soon as possible.

Clutch Cables

The Clutch is important when changing gears and temporarily switching off the engine. The regular use of clutch cables wears them out due to the high pressure. It is, therefore, necessary to check the clutch cables before going for a trip and ensure they are working perfectly.


The alternator is the main source of electricity in your truck. You will notice alternator issues when your battery is not charging perfectly, or your lights have a problem. It is essential to know the signs of a faulty alternator and replace it as soon as possible.

Distributor Cap

Accumulation of moisture and dirt can crack your distributor cap. When this happens, there will be no ignition to spark. Regularly service and clean this part to remove dirt and moisture.


Using trucks to run your enterprise is an investment that fetches you good profits. But sometimes, trucks can be problematic and become a liability. Consider performing the maintenance of the above areas to increase the productivity of your truck. You can check and fix some of these parts, but some, like the alternator, will need an expert to check and fix.

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