Idaho Mini Truck Laws – Is it Street Legal?

Japanese mini truck are also known as kei trucks in Japan. They were initially meant to be used in Japan, and over the years, they have found their way into the global market. They are not among the most popular lightweight trucks. In the United States, there are many people who own them, and some are in a buying spree looking for good quality Japanese mini trucks. Many people import the mini trucks from Japan, but others also consider buying some that are locally owned. Whichever the option one chooses to get the vehicle, there are some laws for every vehicle. One of the laws in the US for instance on mini trucks is the 25 year import law. In this guide, we will go through the Idaho mini truck laws and the import rule that many mini truck enthusiasts wonder why it is in place.

Idaho Mini Truck Laws  – Are Kei Trucks Street Legal?

Below are some 0f the insights on the ownership of kei trucks in the state of Idaho and the United States in general.

When you go to your local DMV office in Idaho, you will likely not have the mini truck registered. This is all to do with the fact that the mini trucks (Japanese kei) are not in the books. There is no law restricting the use of these mini trucks. Also there is none that supports it use in the state. This leaves mini truck owners in the state in some kind of a grey area. The fact that you get no registration means that you are not covered by laws and there is nothing stopping you from been pulled over every time you are on the road.

But how are some people doing it? Well besides from explaining yourself to the officer every time they pull you over, there is one thing you can do. Apply for a special title. All you nee to do is to find a legal expert to advice you. You will need to present a bill of sale, NOTARIZED and everything else can go on smoothly. It is also worth mentioning that there are fees to obtain this title and would range anywhere between $300 to $500.

Besides that, it is good to ensure that you have adhered to the laws so as to avoid any friction with the state. For instance, you should always consider using a triangle sign while driving on the main roads as a sign to show that you are driving in a slow moving vehicle. Also other things like seat belts should make you just fine on the road.


Japanese mini trucks are great vehicles that are popular across the United States. The laws under which they are unclear on the road is however unclear in some states. For instance the laws in Idaho does not allow and neither does it ban them from the roads. Shared above are ways to which you can tackle that.

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