Kei construction trucks, a new use for micro trucks .

Kei construction trucks can be used for both personal as well as commercial use. The construction industry a prime place to use a Kei truck. With the growth of the market, general contractors need to have vehicles with versatility. Kei trucks as well as the available kits for micro trucks offer that versatility. Here are a few ways in how you can use a Japanese Kei truck with your construction job.

Gain access to tight spaces

With the standard-sized truck, you may find that getting from point A to point B is problematic. The wide and larger trucks have their advantages in terms of overall bed weight capacity. However, for accessing steep inclines, tight spaces, or low overhead areas, the Kei trucks may be a better option. Depending upon the model, you may use the Kei truck on construction grades as steep as 20°.

Kei trucks have measurements of about 10’-8” x 4’-6” x 5’-9” making it the ideal truck to get around a construction site. They make the frames of these trucks of steel. This means you do not have to worry about dings and dents, something which is a concern for fiberglass full-size vehicles.

Kei constuction trucks have several loading options

Kei construction trucks may be small, but they can carry a large load. For example, the Subaru Sambar has a flatbed for materials. The sides of the bed fold down for quick access. The rear also has a cargo rack. This makes boards, planks, glass, and steel bars something easily carried.

If you choose, a ladder rack is easily attached to the cabin and bed of a Kei truck. This would make three areas where you can store or transport materials. Because you can transport in the bed, the cargo rack, and using a ladder rack, Kei trucks are great for a construction site.

When loading your Kei truck, be sure to load evenly. Kei trucks are good for construction, but the loading must be done evenly to ensure safety. This is true for any micro vehicle.

Image of a Kei construction dump truck

Kei dump trucks

Not every job requires a full-size dump truck. Small excavation jobs may only have minimal dirt displacement. Because of this, it may be more cost-efficient to purchase a Kei dump truck than it would be to lease a full-size dump truck. Companies that already own full-size dump trucks may wish to purchase a micro dump truck, as the small size and weight load are less strenuous on the site.

Kei dump trucks also have a smaller hydraulic system. The smaller hydraulics make the dump truck safer than full-sized construction equipment. On the Subaru Sambar, the dump truck’s hydraulic system is located inside the cabin. This location enables the driver to dump the load from the dash when it is raining or in other inclement weather.

Lifting materials

Lift kits are available on many Kei construction trucks. The design is typically a scissor lift. When using the scissor lift kits, you can raise larger loads of materials to scaffold and other areas with ease. Depending on the model of the Kei truck being used for construction, the weight load can reach 700 lbs. Shingles, brick, and wood can easily be carried and delivered to workers.

Besides delivery of materials, the lift offers a quick and easy way to store and access materials while on a site. When in use, the materials can quickly be unloaded, or if preferred access to materials can be done on an as-needed basis. Whether storing or unloading the Kei scissor lift is a great way to use the Kei truck for construction.

Image of a truck with a scissor lift

A cheaper option for your fleet

Apart from the usability of Kei trucks, there is a price point to consider. Modern full-sized Kei construction trucks can easily top 40 thousand dollars. If you are building a fleet of construction vehicles, the cost can quickly add up. However, if you have a Kei truck for construction, you find that the price point is around 8 thousand dollars. That is 1/5 of the cost of the standard-sized truck. Even with additional packages, the cost of a Kei truck is far less than that of the modern full-sized heavy-duty competitor.

Using a Kei Truck for Construction

Overall, the Kei truck is ideal for construction sites. It has ease of access and precision steering. The trucks are safe to drive, may include GPS and Smart Assist, and are affordable. For those who are looking for a construction vehicle for small to medium-sized jobs, the Kei dump trucks are helpful.

Check the make and model of your Kei truck to determine if it is right for your construction job. All Kei construction trucks have a variety of features and kits available. Weight loads and lift loads will vary depending on the model you choose.