How to Troubleshoot Mini Truck Gearbox Problems

The demand and use of mini trucks are growing throughout the entire world. The use of these small trucks started in Japan, but now you will find them on various roads worldwide. The market demand for mini trucks is because they are reliable and robust. It is common to experience gearbox issues with a mini truck. What is a gearbox? It is a box that houses various gears responsible for transferring energy from the engine to the wheels. It regulates the speed and torque of your mini truck. Mini trucks, like other vehicles, develop issues, especially after loyally serving the owner for a certain period. This guide focuses on the common mini truck gearbox problems and how to fix them. 

Common Mini Truck Gearbox Problems and How they are Fixed

The definition has enlightened us on what a gearbox is and its role. Let us now look at some of the problems associated with the gearbox and how you can solve them. 

Filter Congestion

The filter plays the role of removing impurities from the oil that lubricates the gearbox. As the filter prevents the contaminants in the oil from reaching delicate parts of the gearbox, the contaminants congest and clog the filter, becoming less effective with time. You can solve this by buying and fixing a new filter.

Burning Smell

When your gearbox has a problem, your mini truck will produce a burning smell when moving due to overheating transmission fluid. The transmission fluid becomes hot as it conducts heat from the friction in the gearbox. When the temperature of oil increases, you will feel a burning smell in your mini truck. To solve this, you must buy an appropriate transmission for your mini truck and refill it to lubricate the entire gearbox.

Slipping Gears

If you realize that your mini truck cannot hold gears and goes to neutral whenever you engage gear is an indication that the gearbox is having a problem. Slipping gears can result from broken shift lock, worn-out bearing retainers, and a faulty gearbox. To solve this, take your mini truck for a mechanical check-up and repair all the defective parts.

  1. Hard Gear Shifting
  2. Hard gear shifting results from any of the following.
  3. Faulty gear teeth
  4. Faulty main shaft splines

To solve this, take your mini truck to the nearest mechanic to repair and replace the damaged gearbox parts.

Noise when Shifting Gears

When shifting your gears, your mini truck might produce funny noise from the gearbox or shake. When the levels of oil in the gearbox reduce as a result of leakages might result in noise when shifting gears. You will likely experience this problem when you press the clutch pedal. It requires immediate replacement of faulty gearbox parts.


The gearbox is a complex system in your mini truck. The gearbox plays a significant role in controlling the torque and power transmitted to the wheels. Fixing problems, such as hard shifting requires a professional mechanic. Whenever your gearbox shows any of the above behaviors, consider taking it for a mechanical check-up and fixing it before things get out of control.

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