How to Replace Your Truck Air Filter

Fuel and air are essential for your truck and are the primary raw materials necessary for internal combustion. The engine is a very delicate part of your truck. If any foreign object comes into contact with it, it can be costly to repair. The air which gets into the engine passes through the air filter. Here is how to replace your truck air filter.

How to Replace Your Truck Air Filter

The air filter traps all the dirt and other impurities, letting pure and clean air pass through. As the air filter performs its roles, it traps more dirt and becomes clogged with time. During regular maintenance, the air filter is some of the components which are checked and replaced. This guide will elaborate on how to fix a new air filter.

Source the Correct Air Filter

There are various air filters on the market. Spend time researching and purchase that which fits your truck. You can visit multiple auto shops and do some online research as well. Try to buy an air filter similar to that which came with your truck to boost its life span. 

Secure Your Truck

Park your truck on plain ground and apply the parking brake. If it is a manual truck, shift into the first gear or park for automatic transmission, then turn off the engine.

Locate the Air Box

Before locating the air box, you need to open your hood so that you can easily access the air box. The airbox housing is located near the engine. The airbox is protected with a round, bulky plastic cover for carburetor trucks. The new trucks have air box protected by a square or rectangular housing. 

Remove the Air Filter Cover

The air conduit is sealed with hoses. Consider loosening the hoses. Loosen the screws which hold the air filter cover firmly in its place. After removing all the screws, keep them safely until you need them. Pull the cover from the air conduit while lifting it so it might come with the lower casing. If you are unsure how to raise the cover, consider mechanical support.

Remove the Air Filter

Removing the air filter cover will leave the air filter exposed. You will see a round or rectangular filter made from cotton, paper, or gauze. The rubber rim seals the interior parts of our air filter. Consider lifting the filter from the casing.

Clean the Housing of Your Air Filter

You can clean the air filter housing using a vacuum cleaner to suck the accumulated dirt. When doing this, seal all the conduits using adhesive tape to prevent dirt from getting in.

Install the New Air Filter

Fix the new air filter in the housing. When doing this, ensure the rubber rim faces up and seals all the edges.

Fix Back the Cover

Fix the cover back into the air conduit carefully and press it down. Tighten all the screws and clamps, then ensure everything is in place. 


The role played by the air filter makes it become clogged. When this happens, consider replacing it. This guide has highlighted some steps to replace your air filter. If you are unsure of any actions, consider help from a professional mechanic.

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