How To Replace an Air Injection Pump Filter

The primary function of the air injection system is to inject oxygen into the exhaust system, which minimizes emissions. The system has a pump, pump filter, and valves. There is a centrifugal filter that introduces air into the pump. When the engine’s temperature is normal, the Powertrain Control Model (PCM) sends signals to the diverter valve, taking the pumped air to the exhaust system. The air gets diverted into the catalytic converter as soon as the engine reaches its optimum operating temperature. In this guide, we will focus more on how to replace an air injection pump filter the easy way.

It is easy to know when your air pump starts to fail. First, you will realize that your engine’s power is drastically reduced, and fuel economy is also decreasing. When you feel any sign of a failing air pump, consider performing the following steps to replace it. 

How To Replace an Air Injection Pump Filter

Assemble these items to replace your air injection pump filter—needle-nose pliers, protective gloves, ratchet, repair manual, safety glasses, and wrench. 

Consider safety before starting to work on your vehicle. Put on safety glasses and gloves. Ensure your truck is parked on plain ground and the parking gear and the handbrake are engaged.

Loosen the Air Pulley

The air pulley has sockets that hold it in its place. Use a socket or wrench to loosen these bolts.

Remove the Serpentine Belt/V-Belt

After removing all the bolts holding the air pulley, locate the serpentine belt and remove it. Before removing it, take its picture, which will be useful when fixing it back. Insert a ratchet end into the square slot on the tensioner to remove the serpentine belt. Push the tensioner and then gently remove the belts from the pulley. 

If your truck uses a v-belt, consider loosening the pump mounting bolts and adjustment brackets. After doing so, consider moving the pump inward, and the belt will come out.

Remove the Air Pump Pulley

Before doing this, you should remove all the bolts holding the pulley into its place, then gently slide the pulley away from the mounting shaft. Doing this will leave the air pump filter exposed. Use the needle-nose pliers to extract it.

Fix the New Air Pump Filter

Apply the reverse method used to remove the air pump filter to fix the new one by placing it on the pump shaft.

Fix the pump pulleys and tighten all the bolts evenly so that the filter sits accurately in its place.

Fix Back the Serpentine Belt

When fixing the serpentine belt, consider removing the tensioners for easy fixability. Previously, when removing the serpentine belt, you took a picture. Consider checking if the fixing matches the picture you took.

Tighten All the Pulley Bolts

Before doing this, ensure all the belts are fixed back and in the right places. You can tighten all the bolts. 


You have successfully installed a new air pump filter, improving your engine’s performance. If you feel uncomfortable following the above guidelines to fix a new air injection pump filter, consider consulting a professional mechanic to assist with the job. 

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