How to Remove The Wheel Lock A Without Key

If your truck has a wheel lock and you do not know where the wheel lock key is, this guide will teach you how to remove the wheel lock without a key. The primary function of wheellocks is fastening your wheel firmly on the vehicle, it functions the same as a wheel nut, but it has a specific key lock to tighten or remove it. The wheel lock key usually gets lost in many instances. If you cannot trace yours, do not worry because you can remove it manually. Let’s now focus on what to do. 

How to Remove The Wheel Lock A Without Key

As you prepare to remove the wheel lock, ensure your truck is parked on a flat surface and engage the emergency brakes. You will need a 12-point socket, Breaker Bar, Hammer, Torque Wrench, and a lug nut, preferably a new one.

You will spend approximately five minutes performing this procedure for every wheel.

Step 1- Determine the Size of the Socket and Ensure it is a 12-point

You will determine the socket size by trying a few sizes until you find one which fits. After finding a perfect socket, hummer it to fit in well. For better biting, you will require a 12-point, which will be good because the shape you are trying to deal with is irregular. Extra teeth will give better traction to the lug nut. 

Step 2 – Use a Hummer to Smash the Socket onto the Locking Lug Nut

After putting the socket on the locking nut, hummer it so it can firmly hold the lug nut. You will enjoy doing this part. You will need a regular hummer to perform this task. Heat it straight until it firmly holds the lug nut.

Step 3 – Apply Leverage

After the socket has firmly held the lug nut, you need a breaker bar. It is a metal rod that holds the sockets. The long breaker bar enables you to leverage your strength uniformly as you turn the socket. The uniform application of strength will facilitate the loosening of the lug nut. You will be surprised how you use minimal energy to move the nut to break. 

Step 4 – Inspect the Stud

You are almost done at this point. Inspect the threads on the wheel stud. A stud is that thing which the lug nut has come out of. Check if it has been damaged and replace it. Replacement is another demanding task. If the studs are okay, insert a new non-locking lug nut and torque it as per the manual guide of your truck. 

Step 5 – Remove the Locking Lug Nut from the Socket

The locking lug nut will stick in the socket. Remember you hammered the socket. You can remove the lock lug nut from the socket by wriggling it using a breaker bar.


The wheel lock keys usually disappear, and in case you have misplaced yours, do not waste much time looking for it but think of how you can remove the lock nuts with the key. You can remove it without a key. This guide has elaborated procedures you can use to achieve your objective.

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