How to Remove Scratches From Truck Windshield

When the truck is in motion, it gets opposition from the wind, and the streamlined shape enables it to cut through the wind. The windshield is a vast glass in front of the truck, which protects the driver from being destructed by excess wind, injured by debris in the air, and rain. In this guide, we will delve into tips on how to remove scratches from truck windshield.

Trucks will always experience both minor and significant scratches on a windshield. Minor scratches on a truck windshield can be removed easily using various methods, and each way is suitable for certain scratches depending on their nature. But fixing significant scratches can be costly and might compel you to replace the windscreen. 

How to Remove Scratches From Truck Windshield

It is necessary to inspect your windshield more often to ensure it is in perfect condition. Regular inspection will enable you to identify minor scratches you might not see while driving. Minor scratches can develop into significant scratches if you ignore them. Buffing scratches from your windshield is not difficult. All you have to do is to try doing any of the following. 

Polishing Compounds

Various spare parts shops have commercial-grading polishing compounds like Meguiars Ultimate Compounds, which removes scratches from truck windshields the same way toothpaste does. These substances are more abrasive, and more attention is required while using them.

For minor truck scratches, less abrasive glass cleaning compounds are preferred for the significant restoration of a truck windshield. Such polishing compounds include 3M or Griot’s Garage. This process is done repeatedly until good results are achieved.

Seek the Services of a Professional Scratch Repair

You can seek the services of a professional scratch repair when you have tried home-based remedies, but all are in vain. Various companies repair various scratches that might develop on the windshield of your truck. Before contacting a professional glass repair, consider consulting your insurance provider first. 

Use a Clear Nail Polish

A clear nail polish removes minor scratches from your windshield. Apply the nail polish over the scratches to prevent them from advancing. The nail polish will harden and fill the dents preventing dirt and water from eroding the scratches.

Use a Windshield Repair Kit

The windshield repair kit has various tools for the maintenance of the windshield. You can buy this kit from different auto dealers. The kit has cerium-oxide buffing compounds, which, when applied, react to bond the glass surfaces. It is ideal for filling scratches on the windshield. 

Use Toothpaste

The toothpaste that is not gel works perfectly well as light-duty buffing compounds, which you can apply to fill scratches on the windshield. Before applying toothpaste, clean and leave the windshield to dry. To apply the toothpaste, use a fiber cloth and apply it in a circular motion. The circular motion will level the region around the scratch and give it a uniform and restored look.


Scratches can interfere with visibility when driving. Whenever you identify even the smallest ones, try the above methods to eradicate them from your windscreen. Most of these methods you can do alone since you can acquire the needed tools locally. 

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