How To Know When Your Truck Has Bad Wheel Alignment

The problem of having bad wheel alignment is common on trucks because of the varied nature of the terrain trucks are driven on. If you drive over potholes or obstacles, your wheels will suffer from poor alignment with time. If you realize that some parts of the wheel assembly and the suspension are wearing out, consider performing a wheel alignment.

How To Know When Your Truck Has Bad Wheel Alignment

Well-aligned wheels perform better and contribute to fuel economy. Proper wheel alignment saves when making fast turns and dodging potholes on the road. Let us focus on some signs of bad wheel alignment.

When Your Truck Pulls On One Side

When driving on a straight road with less traffic, let your truck control itself by releasing your hands from the steering wheel. Hold your truck’s steering top if you feel it is starting to swerve in a particular direction. After getting it back in position, leave the steering wheel again. Consider performing a wheel alignment if it shifts again to a specific side.

Maintaining straight driving becomes difficult when you do not address alignment issues. You might change lanes if you do not firmly hold the steering wheel.

Uneven Steering Wheel

Your steering wheel should remain straight when you are driving on a flat and straight road. A way of noticing that your steering wheel is centered is to look at the emblem on the steering wheel when driving on a straight and flat surface. Your steering wheel is centered if the symbol is on the same level. 

If your emblem is some degrees off its level, your steering wheel is not centered, and you should consider performing a wheel alignment. 

Loose Steering

It can be hazardous when your steering wheel becomes loose. A loose steering wheel will reduce the time the wheels will respond whenever you want to make a turn. Driving on zigzag roads becomes very difficult when your steering wheel is loose. There is a high probability of losing control of your truck. 

If you note a significant variation between the time you turn your steering and the time the truck responds, know that your steering wheel is loose and consider performing a wheel alignment. 

Vibrating Steering Wheel

While your truck is in motion, vibration on the steering wheel might signal many issues with your vehicle. Some of the culprits of this problem are poor wheel alignment, unbalanced tires, and issues with the axle. Taking your truck for a mechanical check-up when you feel your steering is vibrating when driving is necessary. 

UnevenTire Wear

When you check your wheels and realize that some wheels are wearing out faster than others, do not worry, it is terrible wheel alignment that causes this. You can witness outerwear, inside wear, or tire scalloping.

To note that some wheels are wearing out faster than others, consider measuring the tread depth of each tire using a tread depth meter. The wheels will have the same rubber depth if the alignment is correct.


Whenever you note any of the above signs, consider performing wheel alignment as soon as possible. Some of these might indicate other issues, so taking your truck for a thorough mechanical check-up is necessary. 

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