How To Know When Engine Needs Maintenance

Truck drivers and businesses value their trucks since they are the sources of success for their businesses. These vehicles are good for delivery as well as hauling. Trucks are never turned by distance. They can travel several miles from state to state. Keeping your truck in check is better since any problem can greatly affect your business. In this guide, we will go through some of the things on how to know when engine needs maintenance.

How To Know When Engine Needs Maintenance

Always listen to your truck, and in case you note any sign that the engine might be starting to malfunction, consider repairing it early enough so that it does not escalate to bigger problems. Let me share with you how to know that your engine needs maintenance.

When Lights Appear on the Dashboard

The engine check lights appear on the dashboard to warn you that there is a problem with the engine worth paying attention to. The dashboard produces several flush lights, which helps us to identify where the problem is in the engine. There is an engine warning light, engine oil level, and pressure light, coolant level light.

Occasionally, these lights may be similar. If you find yourself in a dilemma, check the user manual.

Check Your Mileage

Truck manufacturers recommend that owners perform service maintenance after their trucks have clocked a specific mileage. Some conditions will force you to take your truck for servicing; such conditions can be normal or severe. 

As you drive your truck, check your mileage and maintain a regular service to your truck by changing the oil and checking the general health of your engine.

High Fuel Consumption

A standard semi-truck consumes a gallon to cover six to nine miles and might move to eleven miles if you drive on the highway. You will realize this by checking the fuel gauge on the dashboard, or if your truck has an electronic onboard computer (EOBC), you will see the fuel consumption on your dashboard. If you note that the rate at which your truck consumes fuel has gone high, consider doing engine maintenance.

Coloured Exhaust Gases

If your truck starts to produce colored exhaust gases, it is a warning that something serious is happening to the engine. A blue smoke signals oil leakage, black smoke shows that it is burning a lot of fuel, and white smoke indicates a problem with the coolant.

Colored smoke is very risky. Ignoring it can result in serious engine problem which might force you to perform a full overhaul or swap engine.


A regular driver knows how their truck handles or performs. Suppose there is a change in the performance, like a late response when you step on the accelerator pedal, a change in sound when going up the hill, or even high fuel consumption. Poor performance interferes with smooth driving. And you should visit a mechanic for a thorough checkup if you experience reduced performance.


Servicing is necessary for your engine. It will the engine serve you long and also help in maintaining the power of the engine. Always listen to the above signs and take the necessary precautions to save your engine.

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