How To Fix Squeaky Truck Wiper Blades

During good weather, you will rarely use your wipers, but during the rainy season, the wipers come in handy and should be functioning correctly. If your wipers can wipe out water, they must give you proper visibility. Squeaking is a common problem associated with bad wiper blades. In this guide, we will focus on how to fix squeaky truck wiper blades as part of your DIY truck maintenance.

How To Fix Squeaky Truck Wiper Blades

The squeaking sound irritates the ears, which might lead to the tear and wear of your windshield wipers. Several issues can make your wiper blades produce a squeaking sound. This guide will enlighten you on what to do if you hear the squeaking sound coming from the wiper blades of your truck. 

Consider Replacing the Blades

You need to give it time if you hear the squeaking sound when your wipers are on. If it persists, replacing your blades is the best option. The sound indicates that the blade edges are not sliding correctly on the windscreen. 

Replacing the blades is easy, and you can do it without the help of your mechanic. All you need are new blades, pull out the old blades and fix them. After doing this, ensure that the new blades lock correctly. 

Check the Wiper Assembly 

When the wiper assembly is loose, your wiper blades will produce a squeaking sound. In such as scenario, consider tightening it. To do this, have a screwdriver, ratchet, and socket. Such materials are necessary to adjust the nuts holding the wipers in position. This process is a trial and error method. It would be best if you considered doing it until it becomes firm.

Remove The Wax Coating

Cleaning and waxing the vehicle regularly ensures it stays in good shape and form. If you recently washed your truck and applied a waxy product on your windshield, you must remove some of it. To remove the excess wax, use a dump cloth that is not very wet to wipe the entire windscreen. After wiping the windshield with a dump cloth, have a glass polish which you gently dab on your windscreen in a circular motion, and later on, rinse it using water. 

Soften Your Blades

If your blades have been non-functional for an extended period, the rubber part hardens, and the moment you launch it, the squeaking sound will be audible. To soften your blades, dampen a piece of towel on alcohol and wipe it across your wiper blade. After doing this, take a dry towel to dry your wiper blades because any of these substances should not get into your windshield.

Refill the Windshield Washer Fluid

Inadequate windshield lubrication will make your wipers produce a squeaking sound as they move across the windscreen. Ensure there is adequate fluid in the reservoir. The reservoir is under the hood of your truck. Locate it and refill it. After it is complete, make a few sprays to lubricate your windshield.

Clean Your Blade

Cleaning the blades is the cheapest way of doing away with the wiper squeals. With time, the debris builds up on the wipers. To remove them, you have to clean the blades. To clean your blade, you need to use primary household products.


Squealing wiper blades is a common problem, and you should not worry if it happens to your truck. If you are wondering about how to fix squeaky truck wiper blades, then Consider performing any of the above procedures to fix it.

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