How To Convert a Regular Mini Truck to a Dump Bed Mini Truck

Regular mini trucks are multipurpose vehicles. The Japanese Kei trucks are affordable, cheap to maintain, economical in fuel consumption, and robust and mechanically reliable. Mini trucks are common among many people in different industries across the globe and have a more comprehensive range of use. Some prefer them for domestic use, while others have made them commercial vehicles. Did you know that mini trucks can serve as dumping bed mini trucks? This is why initially, you will hear them being referred to them as multipurpose vehicles. In this guide, we will go through the basics of how to convert a regular mini truck to a dump bed mini truck.

Dump Bed Mini Truck

Dump bed mini trucks perform the work of offloading quickly. These small trucks can transport building materials such as sand, gravel, and building stones and, to some extent, can be used to ferry litter to the dumping site. They have hydraulic rams in front of the dump bed. As the hydraulic ram is lifting the front part of the bump bed, the load slides to the dump bed’s rear part and eventually rolls to the ground. This mechanism makes such a truck a little bit expensive to acquire. However, you can convert a mini truck to a dumping truck.

Basics to Convert a Regular Mini Truck to a Dump Bed Mini Truck

You will need a conversion kit to convert the box mini truck into a dump bed mini truck. The kit has a hydraulic pump and other electrical components, such as the wiring kit. The hydraulic pump will be performing the role of moving the dump bed to dump the load. You will be required to remove the bed of your Kei truck to perform this procedure.

Installation of hydraulic pump

Consider the safety of the hydraulic pump when installing it. The bracket will do this. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not make brackets. You have to fabricate one. Mounting can be done either in or out of the frame. In the driver’s cabin, mount the pump where it will be convenient.

Hook up the plumbing after mounting the pump. To do this, use any pipe sealant. When plumbing, there is no adequate space because of the 90-degree fitting. For effective hooking up of the plumbing, remove the solenoid coil.

After tightening the 90-degree L, try to install it in the required direction so that it does not come into contact with other hardware. At this point, run the hydraulic hose, and it should not come into contact with any moving parts of the mini truck.

In the electrical kit bought, identify various wires for wiring. Rewiring is essential when installing the bed dump because the hydraulic pump requires energy for function.

You can never do the conversion process alone. It is a time-consuming job that requires experienced professionals to be successful. When installing the dump bed, you should be very sure of what you are doing and practice caution.


Converting a regular mini truck into a dump bed mini truck is possible. However, this procedure is complex, and you should involve specialized mechanics. Hopefully, this guide has given you helpful basics to installing the dump bed on your regular mini truck.

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