How To Clean Injector Pump Of a Truck Easily

Do you know how to clean injector pump of a truck? The injection pump does the role of generating pressure to move fuel from the tank to the engine. Sometimes it gets clogged. This guide will help you in such a case.

How To Clean Injector Pump Of a Truck

Below is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to clean injector pump of a truck.

Using Fuel Cleaner

Fuel cleaners remove clogs in modern trucks that have a fuel pump in the tank. Here is how to clean it.

Follow the Instructions on the Bottle

Although most fuel cleaners have the same working principle, they differ from brand to brand. It is, therefore, necessary to read the instructions on the fuel cleaner you have bought, which will aid you in following the proper steps. 

Run the Engine

The aim of doing this is to use all fuel in the tank. Several fuel cleaners work better when there is no fuel in the tank. It is necessary to let your engine run until the fuel gauge reads ‘E.’

Pour the Fuel Cleaner into the Fuel Tank

Open the bottle containing fuel cleaner, break the plastic seal under the lid, and then direct it into the gas filler neck the way you do with the fuel pump. The instruction you have read will let you know how many bottles you need to add.

Fill Your Tank With gas

You will need to pump new gas into your tank to mix with the fuel cleaner in the pump. Doing this will help the pump to start picking up the fuel with the cleaner.

Start Your Engine

When you start your engine, the fuel cleaner will flow into the injection pump and the filer as it goes to the engine. As it flows, it will break down the deposits clogging the system. It is necessary to let your engine idle during this process.

Disconnect the Negative Battery Terminal

It is worth noting that old trucks have a mechanical fuel pump within the engine. Batteries have both positive and negative terminals. Locate the negative terminal and disconnect it by sliding the cable off.

Locate the Fuel Pump

Most mechanical fuel pumps are in the engine because they get power from the crankshaft to function. Fuel pumps vary in size and appearance. You have to check your service manual to identify yours.

Disconnect Fuel Lines

Before doing this, put a container beneath your truck to trap fuel that might leak. The fuel pump has two main lines, the inlet, and the outlet. To remove them, you must unscrew the lines or loosen the hose clamps that hold them. 

Remove the Central Screw Holding the Fuel Pump Housing

The mechanical fuel pump is held with a nut or bolt. Locate this nut and use the correct size wrench to remove the nut. After unscrewing the central screw, you can remove the fuel pump.

Use a Brush to Clean the Filter

Inside the fuel pump, there is a filter looking like a screen. Clean it using a brush without removing it. To remove all the dirt, dip the brush in gasoline.


Now that you know how to clean injector pump of your truck, there is no reason this should be an issue in the vehicle. After cleaning the fuel pump, consider putting the cover back and securing it using the central screw. Connect the hose clamps you had previously removed.

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