How To Change Subaru Sambar Fuel Pump

The legendary Subaru tops the list in the manufacture of mini trucks. The Japanese who love the six-star logo prefer owning this mini truck to other mini trucks. This truck is the unique vehicle Subaru company has ever made. This is the only Subaru vehicle with the smallest engine size and not running on a boxer engine. Yet this mini truck has proven to be reliable and resilient. As much as Subaru Sambar is a reliable mini truck, it might face common mechanical issues related to any motor vehicle. This guide focuses on the process to change the Subaru Sambar fuel pump, and how you can change it.

Understanding The Fuel Pump

All vehicles with an internal combustion engine run on fuel. They have fuel tanks of various capacities. The Sambar has a fuel tank capable of holding up to 40 liters. The fuel pump performs the role of pumping the fuel from the tank to the fuel injectors located at the engine cylinders. The fuel pump does this at a given pressure to continuously deliver an equal quantity of fuel into the cylinders. The mixture of fuel and oxygen in the cylinder burns to produce energy that rotates the wheels.

The engine cannot generate sucking energy to bring fuel from the tank to the cylinders. There are some automobiles without a fuel pump. As such, the fuel tank is slightly higher than the engine. The fuel uses gravitational pull to reach the cylinders. The fuel pump’s role is vital; the engine cannot start if it misses. 

What if it becomes faulty? Your Sambar mini truck is may fail to start correctly if it lacks the power to go up the hill or carry heavy loads, and it may also go off in the middle of the road. If you see these signs, your fuel pump could be faulty. Here is how you can replace it.

Replacing the Fuel Pump of a Subaru Sambar

It is necessary to be cautious when changing the fuel pump because you will be directly dealing with fuel. Let safety measures be your priority. Perform the following procedures to replace your fuel pump.

Lift your Subaru Sambar slightly higher for you to access the fuel tank. Remove dirt around the fuel tank, and drain all gas from the tank in a clean container that cannot contaminate it. Remove the clamps holding the fuel tank. As you do this, hold it, so it does not drop. 

Detach all the wires and the fuel tubes from the tank, then clean its upper part. After cleaning, locate the fuel pump and extract it with its components. Do not damage the fuel pump because some of the components of the old fuel pump will be necessary to install the new one. 

Install the new system and do the reverse procedure to fix back the fuel tank. Install a new fuel filter when fixing a new fuel pump. After firmly fixing the fuel tank, fill it with fuel and start the engine. As the engine is running, check round in case of any leakage.


Using this guide, you can change the Subaru Sambar fuel pump easily on your own. In case you are not sure, consult a professional mechanic.

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