Hijet Vs Sambar Mini Truck Comparison

Japanese mini trucks are here to stay and with the speed at which they are becoming popular across the globe, one needs to ask themselves how good and reliable these vehicles are.

Like all the other Japanese mini trucks, Daihatsu Hijet and the Subaru Sambar have become very popular and one could fin them on sale anywhere. In this guide, we compare the Daihatsu Hihect and Subaru Sambar and try to find out which one is better than the other. Both of these vehicle models have shown outstanding performance over the years. Here is the comparison;

Daihatsu Hijet Overview

There is very little doubt on the quality, performance and efficiency of the vehicles made by Daihatsu. For many years, they have been among the top in the industry and proven to be very dependable. Many people have even compared them to be much better than pick ups, but that also depends on the make of the Hijet and the pick up model. when it comes to the Hijet model, one can either go with a mini truck, popularly known as the Kei truck or opt to get a minivan.

This vehicle was initially built and meant to be used in the Japanese auto market but over the years, their popularity and their capabilities has seen an increase in demand of the vehicle. Some of the closest rivals that resembles the Daihatsu Hijet includes the likes of Honda Acty, Suzuki Carry and Subaru Sambar which we are comparing and covering below.

Subaru Sambar Overview

Subaru Sambar is another type of vehicle which like the Daihatsu Hijet and other mini trucks have dominated and seen a lot of positive insight in the auto industry. The Sambar mini trucks just like other mini trucks in the industry have gone through a lot transformations over time to become much better series after the other. Subaru Sambar has been lauded by many people across the globe for it’s high reliability, cost effectiveness and for being very affordable. What more? Even better, the transformations have even improved these factors and performance.

Today, you can import the Japanese mini trucks including the Sambar with confidence and have it delivered to any country. most of them are street legal in almost every country including the United States, UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

What Makes These Kei Trucks Stand Out?

Here are some of the things that makes the Subaru Sambar and Daihatsu Hijet lovd by many people across the world.

They Are Affordable and Very Economical
These Kei trucks have being designed and made using some of the most sophisticated technologies and engineering with the main aim of reducing fuel consumption while optimizing for the best output. We all love to have such as vehicle and with these mini tucks you can drive miles upon miles without spending much on fuel since their engines are designed for little uptake and maximum output. Getting these vehicles is also very affordable an couln’t even be compared with pick up truck sand other similar vehicles.

High Performance

Don’t you want a vehicle that gives you good performance and can be used to carry around goods from one place to another without any issues? we all love to have such and with the Kei mini trucks such as the Subaru Sambar and Daihatsu Hijet, you can never go wrong. these vehicles are designed and meant to give you the best performance that yo would need from a vehicle of this caliber. Although its horsepower is not the highest in the industry, they are still very perfect for use in many conditions and instances.

Low Maintenance

how about getting a vehicle that demands little when it comes to maintenance? Or one that doesn’t demand the attention of a mechanic over and over? If you have always wanted a vehicle that meets this criteria, then you should consider the Japanese mini tucks which have stood the test of time an emerged champs in their own right.Although they have a small engine that ranges between 500-600cc depending on the model, these Kei mini trucks are considered small but have proven to be excellent in every aspect.

Excellent In Fuel Efficiency

With he ever rising fuel charges that have made it almost impossible to drive, you should be extra cautious on the vehicle that you are getting. You need a vehicle that understands fuel economy and will only sip less fuel per mileage. The Subaru Sambar and the Daihatsu Hijet are the perfect candidates whenever you are looking for such a vehicle and their reputation is well known in the industry. With an impressive fuel consumption recording as low as 50 gallons per mile, you surely won’t be disappointment with these mini trucks.

They Are Very Durable

Japanese engineering is known globally and the Daihatsu hijet and Subaru Sambar are perfect examples of vehicles that are well built to last. These hard-bodied vehicles are very solid and will give you excellent performance without minding the terrain of the area that you are using them on. if you are looking for a vehicle that will last you for ages, then consider the Kei mini trucks. Both Subaru Sambar and Daihatsu Hijet compare similarly in many aspects.

Final Word

The popularity of Kei trucks has expanded to the global arena and one can find these cars and truck like vehicles in any corner of the globe today. These Kei trucks closely resembles the pickup trucks and are loved for their high quality performance, quality build and efficiency.

If you are looking for a high quality vehicle that will get you results in terms of carrying cargo from one place to the other, then the Kei mini tucks are perfect. Your model and design will however depend on whatever you intend to carry and wherever you are going to be doing this. but regardless of whether you live in a rugged environment where you need total power-train, a 4X4 Kei mini truck from wither the Subaru Sambar or Daihatsu Hijet will do the job.

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