Guide To Finding the Perfect Used Japanese Car Dealer

Have you heard of people importing vehicles from Japan? Nowadays it is a trend for people to get vehicles from Japanese car dealers and this comes as a result of many advantages. However, not always will the process of getting these vehicles be smooth as there are scams and difficulties. Finding the right used Japanese car dealer is as good as finding a good deal. Besides getting a high quality vehicle, you will also be getting a good deal for your money.

This guide is dedicated to providing tips and information that you need to look out for when you are buying a vehicle from Japan.


Reputation is the first thing that you should care about when you are looking for a car. Car dealers will pop up from all over and claim to have the best deals. Many people will be attracted by the tempting offers forgetting to check the reputation and how the car dealer has been operating. Before you trust a car dealer and think of making a deal with them, you need to do a little background check to see how they have been doing in the industry. The good thing is that with today’s technology, running a check on a company has become easy. You can quickly look at the company’s history through the web and find out more details about them.

Another way of gauging a company and determining whether you should trust them is by checking out their online reviews. By looking at other customer’s experiences, you will know if you can trust them and make a deal that you will be happy with.

Shop Around And Compare

Have you ever looked for something that you can’t seem to find from one store to the other? Most of us have gone through this in many cases and it is the best way that we can find the ideal product that we are looking for. Same case applies when it comes to choosing vehicles. If you want to get the best deal and the best quality vehicle, you have to shop around and make comparison from the different car dealers. This will not only help you to save on the cost but also help you to see different variations which in turn guarantee you a quality vehicle.

If you opt to use the internet to find these car dealers, which is ideal when you are buying from another country, then you should peruse through some of the top internet sites to com-pare the vehicle deals. It isn’t unheard of to come across the same vehicle model selling at different prices. This is especially when you are looking at used vehicles.

Transparency & Clarity In The Vehicle Sale

There is a big difference between a company that is reputable and one that is struggling to get known. Transparency and clarity in the way the deal is done is something that is very important and you should consider working with a company that has a clear track record selling vehicles. This will help you to avoid shady companies that are out there to make profits without minding the condition of the vehicle. A good company that you are getting your vehicle from should vet the vehicles and ensure that they are not faulty so that the buyer will buy a vehicle that they can count on. This is not the are with many vehicle dealers and it is upon your due diligence to determine and find a good company that you can trust.

By way of example, here at Substar, we keep everything straightforward and try as much as possible to make sure that our customers get the best of the vehicles that they get from us. We thoroughly go through each vehicle to ensure that they are as described and aren’t faulty in anyway. This is what sets us apart from other Japanese car dealers.

Watch Out For Scams

Something else that you’d want to watch out for are vehicle buying scams which you will come across all the time. There are scammers all over and the vehicle industry isn’t spared as well, but by being cautious, you can avoid them and stay free from them.

Some of the things that you can do to void these scams include;

Checking out for the company age, reputation and whether they have a good record with taking care of their customers. This will hint you on what to expect from the company.

Do not pay to an offshore account that is in a different country other than the one that the car dealer is based. Scammers from all over the globe will try to misrepresent themselves and doing this extra step will help avoid some common scams.

Use an importation broker. There are brokers and agents who are willing to take care of many things such as negotiation to even shipping the vehicle for you if it is in another country. This is a safe way to deal a vehicle since the agents are well aware of the things to avoid.

Seek the help of a friend or a family member who has been through the vehicle buying process. You will learn some things and know what to avoid and what to do to get the best deal on the vehicle that you want to get.

Final Word:

Acquiring a vehicle isn’t as easy as most of us think. This is especially if you are buying a used car or when you are still new to buying cars. To get the best deal you need to work with used car dealers who you can trust and have a good track record of selling vehicles. Although Japan has become the go to place for buying and importing used cars, you need to be cautious to get the best.

Check out some of the vehicles that we have in our inventory. We deal with many vehicles ranging from Japanese mini trucks to minivans. We have vetted every vehicle in our listing page and besides this, we will also help you to ship the vehicle to your preferred destination port.

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