Best Way To Get Truck Battery to Last Longer

If you are looking for a way to get truck battery to last longer, then this guide is for you. It becomes stressful when the battery of your truck goes flat abruptly. Several factors, like harsh weather conditions and how you use your truck, can affect the lifespan of your battery. You can prevent your battery from running flat. An average truck battery should last between three to five years of service. To avoid changing your battery every one or two years, check this guide and practice these simple methods.

How to Get Truck Battery to Last Longer

Here are some of the best-proven ways that you can be sure to get truck battery to last longer.

Always Test the voltage of Your Battery

A regular check on the voltage of your battery will save you from battery failure when on the road. Professional mechanics does battery checks, but there is a device you can use to check the voltage of your battery at home. 

A voltmeter is a device you can use to check the voltage of your battery at home. The digital voltmeters give very accurate readings. For good records, consider testing the voltage of your battery when your truck has been turned off for 12 hours.

To use a voltmeter, connect the positive lead to the positive terminal of your battery, then connect the negatives. After connection, the voltmeter will be able to read. The readings will be 12.4 and 12.8 volts when your battery is fully charged. If the readings are way below 12, consider calling a professional to inspect your battery.

Your Truck Should Not Spend Much Time Parked

The battery will not have time to charge when your truck spends more time in the parking lot. The battery will perform optimally when your truck is driven more regularly. It is necessary to take your truck out for a drive for not less than 30 minutes to warm up the engine and circulate the fluids.

If your truck sits for weeks, your battery will need attention when you want to use it. Always ensure it has a full charge and the level of electrolytes is correct.

Clean Your Battery Regularly

Dirt, dampness, and grime can cause leakages on the battery, which might lead to short-circuit. You can use a sponge to remove the grime and other impurities on the surface of your battery. 

The battery terminals and the clamps are prone to corrosion. Corrosion on such surfaces hinders current circulation. To give your battery a longer life, consider cleaning it to remove such impurities. When your truck is being serviced, you can tell your mechanic to clean the battery for you.

Never Use Electronic Accessories When the Engine is Off

Keeping the lighting system on or using the infotainment when your engine is off can drain your battery. When the engine is off, the alternator is not working, and the electrical system will drain power from the battery. 

Always check to ensure that all the electric components are off before leaving your truck. When leaving your truck, ensure it is locked. Doing this is for safety purposes, and also it will close the computerized system of your truck.


The battery should give you full service, but its lifespan varies depending on how you use your truck. After reading this guide, you will be able to know how get truck battery to last longer. Some of these pointers should be adhered to just the way you do your regular truck maintenance.

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