Fuel Pump Issues for Daihatsu Hijet

When it comes to the lightweight truck class of vehicles, then the Japanese mini trucks are among the top. They are also known as kei trucks and are loved by many users in different fields. These vehicles, despite being compact and significantly smaller than pick up trucks have shown tremendous performance and dependability. Besides that, they are affordable and also very cost efficient. If you need a vehicle that will cost you less to run, then the Daihatsu Hijet and other mini trucks fit the bill. However, every vehicle, regardless of how good it is has some issues. In this guide, we will look into fuel pump issues for Daihatsu Hijet mini truck.

Common Fuel Pump Issues for Daihatsu Hijet Mini Truck

There are 3 known issues that could occur in Daihatsu Hijet or the mini truck class in general. Below, we discuss each of the three issues that the Daihatsu Hijet has.

Fuel Flow Problems

It happens that at times, there is a problem with the fuel not flowing properly in the pump. At this point, you start the vehicle as normal and have it running for some minutes and then the vehicle engine stops. This could happen when the vehicle is idling or when you are driving. Assuming that you are in the middle of making a delivery and 30 minutes in, the engine goes off. The vehicle can then be started after some minutes without a problem only for it to switch off minutes later again.

This problem is usually caused by a faulty fuel pump and it is time you consider making a replacement. Alternatively, have a mechanic look into it.

Fuel Pump Relay

The way a fuel pump functions is crucial to understanding what a  fuel pump relay is. Every vehicle that has a combustion engine obviously has a fuel pump. But that fuel pump is also operated and controlled electronically using a component known as a fuel pump relay. Usually, they are found under the hood in the fuse box of engine bay. When this component is faulty, then the fuel pump will not function as expected.

Fuel Pump Faulty Wiring

For some people, the fuel pump isn’t connected with any kind of wiring. But that is wrong. There are some wiring involved. Considering that there is a fuel pump relay in place, some wiring is necessary. When this wiring issue is there, then even replacing the relay will not solve it. So, be sure that the wiring is not faulty and everything that connects to the relay and the power source is working well as they should. Otherwise, you could find yourself wasting time on something that is not there.


Daihatsu Hijet is one of the best Kei trucks in the lightweight trucks class. Their potential to deliver is incredible and that is why they are very popular. They can be used for pretty much any job one can think of.

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