Fixing Bent Truck Wheels and Rims

Tires and wheels are an essential part of your truck. In terms of maintenance and servicing, many truck owners forget about the wheels and tires. Bent rims are very expensive and dangerous to your truck. If the rims are bent, they can pinch your tires, leading to a tire burst. Bent rims can also lead to mechanical issues and make your truck challenging to control when driving. In this guide, we will look into ways on fixing bent truck wheels and rims.

Fixing Bent Truck Wheels and Rims

Here are pointers on how to go about bent truck wheels and rims.

How will I know If My Rims Are Bent?

It is easy to realize that your rim is bent as you drive your truck. Let us look at how to note this issue while driving.

If you hit a bump, you start to have a different feeling as you drive your truck. When driving and you start having control issues or other weird feelings after hitting a bump, it is either one of the rims bent or damaged. It can also indicate that the tire is flat or wheel alignment problems. 

When your rims are bent, you will experience a bumpy ride, reduced fuel economy, and difficulty controlling the steering wheel. 

Signs that Your Rims Are Bent

When the tires Regularly Deflate

If the rims are bent, it will pinch your tires, causing a puncture. The design of most tires enables them to fit into the rims. If the rim is bent, the tire will not fit well, leading to air leakage.

When you note that your tires are regularly losing air, consider checking the conditions of your rims.

When Your Steering Vibrates or Shakes

Shaking or vibrating the steering wheel when the truck is in motion is a sign of various problems related to the steering wheel. The steering wheel directly connects to the wheels. If the rims are bent, the tires will make uneven contact with the road leading to the vibration you will feel on the steering wheel.

If you feel the shakiness in the front or on the steering wheel, it signals that the front rims are bent, but if you feel the instability on the driver’s seat or behind the truck, it’s a sign that the rear rims are bent. 

The difference in the Way Your Truck Handles

When the rims are bent, you will most likely suffer from tire pressure issues affecting the way your truck performs in general. When driving at the average speed and you feel your truck is getting out of control, one of the rims must be bent.

Physical Damage on the Rims

It is easy to see rim damage, but if your rims have hubcaps, you might not easily see rim problems. You must remove the hubcap to notice a problem with the rims. 


Wheel problems occur more often. If you realize your wheels are not in good condition, consider fixing the damaged parts or replacing the entire wheel.