Finding the Perfect Affordable Second Hand Mini Truck

In a world where the cost of acquiring a vehicle only goes in one direction (up), people have been forced to find convenient second hand options. And this applies to every vehicle market. From lorries, trucks to the Japanese mini trucks. However, for those of us who are still new to the import-export world, then it is obvious to have lots of questions on how the whole process works and what you need to do on your part to finally have the vehicle you want delivered. Regardless of whether you would like to import a vehicle abroad from another country or just buy from the local dealer, the question will still remain whether yo have the right quality vehicle. Most people tend to think that importing second hand vehicles from Japan or any other country is hard and this perception locks them from acquiring affordable second hand vehicles.

We all know, at least, you have heard of the praises that the Japanese second hand vehicles have. If you have always wanted to get yourself a Japanese mini truck, or something that can make a good alternative to your mini truck, then you may want to read on. It is an rising trend that people get Japanese mini trucks, and although you can find them from your local dealer, there are lots of caveats to not get it from them, but rather work your way yo import it yourself. First off, your local dealer is importing mini trucks from Japan and selling them to you at a higher price because they are looking to turn a profit. Although that is how business works, if you would like to save, wouldn’t you be patient for 2 more weeks and get it at a fairly low cost? So, as much as it would be a buy-and-drive to buy from the dealer, you can get the vehicle at a more affordable rate. Here are more reasons why you would want to import a second hand Japanese mini truck or any other vehicle for yourself;

Variety of option to choose from

When you import from the source, then it is obvious that you will be presented with way more options that you can choose from than the options you get from the local dealer. This means you will settle for something more solid that best satisfies your desires as opposed to settling for something that has a few flaws or fixes that you may have to make to get the vehicle running. Simply put, you will get better quality by getting your own vehicle from Japan.

Take advantage of auctions

Japan have the largest car actions ion the world, and millions of vehicles are sold here every year. So why not take action and become part of a growing trend that is here to stay and get you something at an affordable cost? And it is easy, you can do the auctions online just like you would do it on Ebay.

Most people are also into the perception that importation process takes long and will delay everything. However, until you do it yourself you will never understand. Below are some of the crucial things to keep in mind when you are shopping for the right vehicle from Japan and some of the important things that you need to adhere to.

Have A Budget In Mind

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First things first, you have to have a budget in mind and know how much you are ready to spend on the second hand vehicle. And as they say, in the Japanese car world, there i something for everyone. So with a good and realistic budget, you get to drive a good quality vehicle that has been engineered by some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. One of the mistake that most of us make when car shopping, is that they get carried away and end up making other decisions especially when they do not have a set budget. With that, you will find yourself blowing up your bank account and interfering with other financial plans. To get you grounded and financially disciplined, have a good budget in mind.

With the right budget that is realistic enough, there are hundreds of second hand mini trucks that one can get.

Get More Information On The Vehicle

Just as you would buy a vehicle off-line, the internet and a number of tools offers you the opportunity to negotiate and discuss things with he vehicle seller in Japan. You need to inquire as much information as possible before deciding on the kind of vehicle to get. Many people make the wrong choice of not researching about the vehicle, only to end up with something that is faulty or not as good as they expected it to be. Do not be deceived the appearance and outside look of the vehicle and find yourself rushing to close the deal. If you would like to get the best value for your money, then you should make sure that the vehicle you are getting meets all your requirements and expectations. And the best way to do this is only by inquiring and gathering as much information as you can about the vehicle that you want to buy.

The fact that your local dealer might not do this is also another reason why you should get the vehicle directly from Japan.

Negotiate the Vehicle Cost

Isn’t it amazing that with the power of the internet, we can connect with people across oceans? And unless you’ve got boat loads of cash to spend, it is always important to bargain and negotiate to get a good deal. Just as you can do it with your local dealer, it is also possible to achieve the same with the seller abroad. You do not have to be present physically to get a good deal on a vehicle, and this is something that thousands upon thousands are doing on a regular basis.

Emailing and other communication bots like Skype have become very handy when it comes to handling and doing vehicle negotiations. With the help of these programs and scripts, you can do almost any kind of negotiation just as you would physically. If you feel that’s not enough video calls like Skype could even serve you better even better as you can see the vehicle in deeper details. We also have a good example of a chat system in place on our website where you can make inquiries with us and even negotiate.

Be Careful With The Transactions

Once you have finally decided on the vehicle that you would like to get, comes the transactions and handling part, which is usually tricky depending on how you go about it. When you have agreed on the price, the next step is to make the purchase and organize for the shipment. Something that is very important and worth mentioning concerning the costs is that there are costs which the dealer included everything which is called Freight On Board (FOB). Here shipping and clearance is done for you but you will be charged by the dealer. Your next role will be to pick up your vehicle at the port and do clearance.

The other common option that one can think of is commonly known as the CIF and here you will handle every other expenditure and procedure. You may need to have some prior experience with this to handle it smoothly and get the shipment fast. There is also the option of having a local broker from your country help you in the shipping and clearance process. It is the recommended option for those who have no import and shipping experience.

Understand How Importing Works

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Lastly, but most importantly, when it comes to importing a vehicle abroad, you need to have all the nitty gritty and facts on how to go about it. Although it isn’t anything to worry about much, for the purpose of tracking and good handling, it is good to understand the entire importation process if you are still new to it. You need to be involved and learn to understand it so that you can also know when to expect your vehicle.

How the process works is simple, find your desired mini truck by shopping around used Japanese car dealer websites, file an “Entry” with the import authorities of your country to get approval and assurance that the vehicle meets your country or state standards, then start the importation process. It is always important to know that the vehicle you are getting is allowed and street legal in your country. Otherwise, you may have a lot of limitations that you do not know. After that you will close the deal with the dealer and arrange for shipment. After shipping is done, you can pick your vehicle at the destined port, clear it and head over with the registration process.

Final Word

If you have always thought and wanted to buy a mini truck or a second hand vehicle from Japan, then the guide above, gives you all the information that you need to know. Besides just being very affordable, used Japanese mini trucks have a reputation of being cost effective, high performing and reliable on almost any terrain. You can use these vehicles anywhere to replace the normal pick ups and trucks.

Take some time to go through our mini truck listing page and go through the tons of Japanese mini trucks our inventory. You will find almost every kind of used Japanese mini truck at a good price. And we are here to help you if you have any queries or questions that you need clarifications on.