Finding a Good Maritime Attorney for Importing Mini Trucks

The best way to buy a mini truck is by importing it directly from Japan without involving intermediaries. It might be challenging to import your mini truck on your own, but by the end, you will receive the exact truck you want. The importation of a mini truck varies depending on its age. The 25 years and above without any modification are easier to import than the newer ones. A power of attorney (POA) is necessary to import your mini truck to the United States. POA is a legal document that will give the customs broker the power to process customs clearance on your behalf. The document will reduce the cost and time of moving to the port to clear your mini truck physically. This guide will aid you how in finding a maritime attorney for importing mini trucks.

There are laws governing the marine transport industry. Such laws are called Admiralty or maritime laws. They handle issues related to injuries and offenses that happen in navigable water bodies. If you are looking for a maritime lawyer, you have to identify the legal work you have before choosing the maritime lawyer.

Maritime Attorney for Importing Mini Trucks

Before choosing a maritime attorney, first, you need to know the maritime legal issue, for example, a claim for injury or breach of contract. It is necessary to choose a lawyer who is specialized in the problem you have. If you need an attorney to draft maritime agreements, you need to look for someone who specializes in maritime commercial law.

Search a Maritime Lawyer

Maritime law is not common, and finding a maritime lawyer may be challenging. To find one, conduct your search through a legal directory like the Martindale-Hubbel database. It is an online directory that will help you search for maritime attorneys based on where they are and the marine fields they specialize. After finding a couple of lawyers that can handle your claim in this directory, check their rankings based on US News. You will be able to settle with the most reputable attorney. 

Choose a Maritime Attorney

Once you have narrowed down your search and identified the potential attorneys, please go through the websites of individual lawyers by checking their biographies and experience in the field. Doing this will aid you in ensuring that maritime laws are their field of specialization. After doing this, the next crucial thing is to contact the state bar associations to ask about the credibility of the lawyer you are yet to choose. Doing this will help you know whether there are previous complaints filed against the lawyer or not. When satisfied with their credibility, please select the best three lawyers and book a physical appointment with them.


Finding a reasonable attorney will facilitate the speed at which you will receive the solutions to your maritime issues. Good knowledge about the attorney you have entrusted to bail you out is the first step to success. Some attorneys are difficult to trust; therefore, one must go for one with good experience and reputation.

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