How To Find And Import Mini Vans From Japan the Easy Way

If importing minivans from Japan is news to you, then you must have been living under a huge rock. This trend has been going on for many years and it simply is because of how the Japanese mini vans are lovable, durable, high performing and reliable. Compared to many automakers’ models across the globe, the Japanese market also has a lion share making them readily available. So if you are thinking of getting yourself a minivan, then Japan is your go-to place for that.

In this guide, we will share some of the crucial steps in finding a good quality minivan and how to import it hassle-free. Below is a deep guide;

Finding The Right MiniVan To Import From Japan

This is usually a tedious process that needs one to be extra keen and cautious. Any mistake could lead to getting a poor quality minivan that you did not expect and could also a t times become scammy as there are many fraudsters on the internet. Here are steps to ensure that you are getting a quality used Japanese minivan to import:

Know What You Need

The first thing that you have to do is to fist know why you need a minivan in the first place. Perhaps you don’t even need it. Besides driving, mini vans are lovable for offering that flexible design and also being spacious enough for families to use in their daily or travel needs. You can also customize it to carry light loads if you run a small business, thanks to its gorgeous customizable design. If these are some of the things that you would like in a car, then a minivan could be you ideal option.

Have A Clear And Realistic Budget

The next thing you’d want to do is to set your budget right. Without having a clear budget, you could end up blowing your financial plans and ending up stuck on one thing or another. Budgeting is a critical element that needs to be handles properly. Shop around and try checking out the various price range of the particular vehicle that you would like to invest in. It is however a good thing that with Japanese minivans, there is a variety to choose from, each coming with its price tag. So you will most likely find a vehicle within your set price tag.

Get The Technical Details

Minivans like any other vehicles aren’t like toys which you can pick any from the stores. Bearing in mind that they are pre-owned vehicles, they have gone through different hands to which they received different care. Before buying a minivan, you should get the technical details and know much about the car details. Some vehicles could end up being faulty and you shouldn’t take the car dealer’s word especially if you haven’t done business with them before. You should make as much inquiries as possible and ask for photos of different parts. The inquiries should give you every detail and confidence to buy that vehicle, and if the dealer fails to provide any details requested, they could be a scam or hiding something which shouldn’t be the case.

Make Sure You Are Dealing With A Legit Japanese Car Dealer

It is always important to keep in mind the fact that scams are all around us and we can fall victims at any time. To ensure that you are safe and do not fall into any of the scams, it is upon you to do your own due diligence or find an expert to seek advice from. The first thing that you should probably be more careful about is the contact details and knowing if the company really exists. Knowing the address of the company and contacting them through the number listed on their website is something that should go smoothly. If the person contacting you contacts you through an alternate number, then you should be cautious as they could be impersonating the real company and they are probably trying to scam you.

The other reason why you should be working with a trustworthy company is to avoid getting the wrong package. You could be bargaining a vehicle and later on you will end up with a totally different one. Be sure to also double check the certifications and the vehicle previous records.

How To Get Your Vehicle Imported

The importation process involves several steps and processes which needs one to have a clear understanding of the whole process involved. If you want to import a vehicle, it might first meet the necessary state requirements, to which you then have to file for an “Entry” permit, make payments to the Japanese car dealer and then have it shipped.

There is however a shortcut and a much safer way which is good for people who have little shipping and import experience. You can decide to use import brokers which are usually found in every country. The import broker plays a major role in ensuring that you have made payments safely, have the vehicle cleared and shipped safely on your behalf. They could also help you get good shipping deals which might save you more spending in the long run.

Unless you know a thing or two about importing and making clearances or getting good shipping deals, it is advisable that you find a local import broker to help you with shipping and getting your vehicle cleared.

Final Thoughts

Importing a minivan or any other vehicle from Japan doesn’t have to be a tedious or as scary as many people have made it to be. There are many advantages to choosing the import option, including the affordability and the high quality of vehicles that you stand to get. You should however know what is involved in importing the vehicle and hopefully, this guide has served you with the necessary information to do so.

You can check out some of the minivans in our listings and many other vehicles including mini truck and more. We could also help you get a vehicle through auctions which are always a bargain. Get in touch anytime with any inquiries that you may be having.

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