Dump Bed Or Flatbed Mini Trucks? Which One To Choose

If you find yourself needing regular hauling and carrying lots of stuff, then you must have considered getting a second hand mini truck. One of the best places to get that would be shopping and importing it from Japan. If you have been watching the auto industry, you must have heard of the reputation that these imported Japanese mini trucks and vehicles have. Although there are plenty of other options in that you can choose locally, there are plenty of reasons why Japanese second hand mini trucks are becoming the norm. In this guide, we will go through two of the best selling mini truck types and which one you should consider getting.


Below are some of the reasons why choosing Japanese second hand vehicles is a good option than getting your local truck.

They Are Cost Efficient

Cost efficiency is surely something that all of us must consider before even thinking of getting a vehicle. When it comes to balancing cost, performance and what you are getting, you will hardly find a good option than what you are getting with second hand Japanese mini trucks. Besides the normal trucks being costly and consuming a lot of fuel,  they also come at an expensive price tag. Japanese mini trucks might have a lower horse power as compared to pick up trucks and other type of trucks, but this also comes as an added advantage as it uses little fuel, yet can perform heavy duty tasks. Sometimes you don’t need all the power, but just enough to do the regular tasks and this is where these Japanese automotive come in.

They Are Reliable

Reliability is something that you do not want to gamble on when it comes to getting a vehicle. Second hand doesn’t necessarily mean that these vehicles have their performance and quality of service compromised. In fact, many people laud them for their high performance and with some, it is even better than what most trucks offer. If you are looking for a reliable vehicle that you can count on and don’t need to see a mechanic or service more often, then the Japanese mini vans are among the best that you will ever come across.

They Have Been Time Tested

We all want to invest on something that we are certain of. Perhaps one of the most important thing when you are looking for a vehicle is to get one that has a proven track record of performance and quality. Japanese mini trucks are made by some of the leading automakers that have been making the worlds best vehicles sold globally. The automakers making them includes big industry names like Subaru, Suzuki, Shiatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda among others. There is no doubt that these brands have what it takes to come up with high performance and reliable vehicles. So, if you are looking for a good mini truck that gives you what you want, then second hand Japanese trucks are among those that you can count on to deliver.

Dump Bed Mini Trucks Or Flat Bed Mini Trucks

There are several types of mini trucks you can get from Japan; dump bed and flat bed are two of the most popular ones that you can get. So what is the difference between these two types and which one should you consider? First, let’s understand the difference between the two. A dump bed mini truck is designed with a hydraulic system fitted on its bed. This is meant to help in offloading some loads with ease and not having to necessarily remove them manually. This makes offloading loads like sand an easy walk in he park and save more time in the process.


Should you ever find yourself on the spot, wondering which of the two type of trucks you should go for, then below is the straightforward answer on when to choose any of the vehicles.

When To Choose a Dump Bed Mini Truck

There are some instances where a dump bed mini truck will work for you and a flat bed mini truck will not. Although in some instances, both of these type of mini trucks can be used, a dump bed mini truck is specially designed to carry non-fragile load that can be dumped without worrying about damaging them.

If you are also handling some tedious loads that could be better dumped to save time, then a dump bed mini truck would be the ideal choice to go with. Unless customized, most pick up trucks do not offer the dumping functionality, making the Japanese even more suitable.

When To Choose A Flat Bed Mini Truck

flat bedYou should opt to use a mini truck when you o not intend to carry any load that can be dumped easily. If the type of load and cargo that you carry is fragile like glassware, you wouldn’t need to use a dump truck, and a flat bed mini truck would work just fine.

If you are also planning on using the mini truck for carrying abnormally large sized loads, then a flat bed mini truck offers more versatile and flexible options that one would find perfect.

Final Word:

The choice you make between getting a dump bed mini truck and a flat bed mini truck a lot depends with your needs and what you regularly intend to use the truck for. With the comprehensive guide above, you should know which one to choose and why Japanese mini trucks are much better than you thought before. With excellent reliability and performance that has been tested, there is nothing not to love in these vehicles.

For the latest and high quality dump bed mini trucks, flat bed mini trucks and any other kind of truck and vehicle you would like to import from Japan, check out our listing page. You can also get in touch with us if you need to get a specific vehicle and we will be happy to help you have it imported to your location without going through the hard hassles.

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