2 Important Types of Transmission fluids for Trucks You Should Know

Did you know that there are different types of transmission fluids for vehicles? The transmission system has various parts which work jointly to transmit the power from the engine to the wheels. A number of these parts are metallic. For them to function effectively, they need to be lubricated. The transmission fluid provides a conducive environment for the smooth functioning of gears in the transmission system. The role that the transmission fluid does exposes it to tear and wear, and at some point, you will have to replace your transmission fluid.

What Are The Types of Transmission fluids for Trucks?

There are several types of transmission fluids, just like engine oil. But, many, including some professional mechanics, have never realized that transmission fluids differ. You will find various brands of transmission fluid in the market. Such brands differ in terms of additives and mixtures used in their production.

When changing the transmission fluid for your truck, the first thing to look at is the manufacturer’s guide. The guide will show you the suitable transmission fluid for your truck. Apart from showing you the correct transmission fluid, the manufacturer’s manual will instruct you on what to do when the level of your transmission goes down. It enlightens you on the major types of transmission fluid from which the various brands you find on the market originate.

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

Automatic transmission fluid is the standard transmission fluid suitable for manual and automatic transmission trucks. You will find various brands of automatic transmission fluids in the market, such as Merco V and LV, Dexron VI, and Matic S, K, or D. 

 Choosing the correct fluid for your truck may be confusing, especially if you are purchasing for the first time. Knowing the make and model of your truck will enable you to choose the correct fluid.

When thinking of changing your transmission fluid, it is essential to consult a professional mechanic who will ensure that your truck gets the best transmission fluid. Transmission fluids also have synthetic blends, which have advantages and disadvantages that you should know.

Continuous Variable Transmission Fluid (CVT Fluid)

Continuous variable transmission is the most modern transmission system, which is highly advanced and standard in modern trucks. Trucks with the CVT system require the CVT fluid to lubricate their transmission system. The CVT fluid is sophisticated and highly developed to work on advanced trucks, cars, and SUVs. If your vehicle has a CVT system, whenever it needs transmission fluid, you have to use the CVT fluid. If you use a different fluid, your transmission system will start to develop complications that will not be easy to fix. Your truck will run normally, but with time your transmission will develop complications which you will realize when it is too late.


Transmission fluid is vital for the smooth operation of your transmission system. If you need to change or top up your transmission fluid, do market research to know the brands to buy. Before checking the market’s brands, consider learning the type of transmission your truck uses. Both manual and automatic transmission systems can use similar transmission fluids. But the advanced CVT system uses its unique transmission system.

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