Different Truck Axles and What They Mean

An axle is a key component of your truck that connects to the wheels. It is the axles that transfer the engine power to the wheels. The thermal energy in the engine’s combustion chamber converts to mechanical energy, which reaches the wheel through the shafts. A vehicle must have a shaft for it to operate. If you want to slow down, the shaft will transmit less power, and if you step on the accelerator pedal, the shaft will transmit more power to the wheels.

Different Truck Axles

There are three standard axle types that a truck uses. Let us look at each of them.

Rear Axle

The rear axle delivers the engine’s power to the driving wheels. Such axles have two shafts joined by a differential. The rear axles usually rotate as the wheel rotates. We have three types of rear axles based on mounting and support.

Semi-Floating Axle connects the wheel to the flange on the exterior of the axle shaft and holds it securely. Semi floating axle has two bearings, one offers support to the axle shaft, and another goes to the axle casing. Semi-floating axles are usually larger than other axles, producing a uniform torque. Such kind of axle is common in trucks.

Full-Floating Axle floats in its place and position supported by two bearings. Its primary function is the transmission of driving torque. Heavy-duty trucks such as those with active 4WD use this type of rear axle

Three-Quarter Floating Axle is a complex axle that maintains the wheel alignment and handles the side thrust and driving torque. However, the rear axle is a live axle because it rotates as the wheels rotate.

Front Axle

As the name suggests, such a type of axle is located at the front part of the truck. Its primary function is to help in steering and shock processing as you drive on rugged surfaces. The beam, the swivel pin, the track rod, and the stub are four parts of the front axle. There are two types of front axles.

The dead front axle is stationary and does not move as the wheel moves, and such axle is protected from dirt and water in housing.

The live front axle is responsible for transmitting the driving power from the gearbox to the front wheels.

Stub Axle

The stub axle is at the front wheels. This axle attaches to the front axle with kingpins. We have four types of the stub axle.

Elliot connects to the front axle with the kingpin, a yoke, and a cotter.

Reverse Elliot’s arrangement is opposite to a standard Elliot stub axle.

Lamoine, whose spindle is L-shaped.

Reverse Lamoine has an opposite layout compared to the standard Lamoine stub axle.


We have learned about different types of truck axles and what they mean. The rear axles are made of two shafts, and they are always active since they rotate as the wheels rotate. The front axle is attached to the front wheels and can either be dead or alive.