Diesel vs Petrol Engine Trucks

The light duty trucks such as pick-up and mini trucks have two versions of engines to choose from. The diesel-powered and the Petrol powered engines. The diesel-powered engines use pistons to compress air, generating high temperatures for fuel ignition in the combustion chamber. On the other hand, the Petrol powered engines use a spark plug to ignite the mixture of fuel and oxygen in the combustion chamber. Let us now focus on the common differences between these two truck engines: diesel vs petrol engine trucks. It is necessary to choose from the two options because there are more significant differences between the diesel and the Petrol driven trucks. When shopping for one, consider knowing each by their working principle and what you intend to do with your mini truck.

Diesel vs Petrol Engine Trucks

Here are the things that differentiate the two types of truck engines.

Cost Difference

Diesel trucks are more expensive than petrol trucks because diesel-powered engines are more economical in fuel consumption than petrol-powered ones. The owners of diesel trucks will get more from their money and will have fewer stops to refuel than the Petrol powered trucks.

Diesel fuel is inexpensive and also has a higher density than Petrol. The high density makes diesel engines use less fuel to produce energy equivalent to that of Petrol powered engines.

Maintenance Differences

The diesel and petrol engines have different demands, which bring more significant differences in maintaining the two. Petrol engines require regular maintenance, while diesel engines only require occasional maintenance. The petrol engines have shorter oil change intervals, and you must regularly change the spark plugs when servicing your truck. The ignition in the diesel engine does not rely on a spark plug; therefore, you only need to replace the fuel filters and diesel exhaust fluids, popularly known as DEF, when servicing it.

Differences in the Life Span of Engines

The parts of the diesel engine, such as the cylinder head, pistons, and the entire engine blocks, are made with solid material to sustain the high temperatures resulting in high compression of air by the pistons to produce spark. The rugged materials used in building a diesel engine and the fact that diesel fuel is less corrosive compared to Petrol gives the diesel engine a longer life span. Diesel fuel is also not corrosive as compared to petrol fuel.

Performance and Towing Energy

The diesel engine has a high torque compared to the petrol engine; torque is necessary for towing; therefore, if you want to use your mini truck for towing, consider buying the diesel-powered. The petrol engine has higher horsepower than the diesel engines. The production of more torque and consumption of less fuel makes diesel engines spend more time on the road.


The diesel and the Petrol powered trucks have unique differences. The diesel engine has higher torque; thus, this will be the best option if you use your truck for towing. The petrol engine has a higher horsepower; it is the best option if you need a truck for light duties and faster movement. To choose between diesel and the Petrol powered trucks, you must consider what you will do with the mini trick.

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