Symptoms of Faulty Diesel Fuel Injector

Diesel engines depend on fuel injector to deliver fuel into the combustion chamber. It will provide the right fuel for the engine to function effectively at the right time. The combustion chamber thus receives enough diesel to cater for the production of power.

Diesel fuel injectors usually have nozzles and a body. Sometimes they crack and wear out. When they become faulty, they do not function effectively, making it difficult for the combustion chamber to receive an adequate amount of diesel. Here are some symptoms to note when your diesel fuel injector becomes faulty.

Engine Misfire

Engine misfire indicates that the combustion chamber lacks something fundamental to facilitate the combustion process. Sometimes, this thing can be there but in a limited supply. 

When your injector is faulty, it will not be able to pump an adequate amount of fuel to facilitate ignition. When ignition fails in any of the cylinders, the injector pumps a low quantity of diesel into the cylinder.

Dirty Emissions

Dirty emissions from the exhaust pipes result from a clogged diesel injector. Such emissions result from the incomplete combustion of diesel and oxygen in the combustion chamber. 

Initially, your truck will emit white smoke that pollutes the environment. As soon as you notice such emissions, it is essential to check on your diesel injectors since such emissions contaminate the environment.

Diesel Fuel Smell

When your diesel fuel injector is faulty, you will feel the smell of diesel fuel in your truck. Such a smell is an indication of leakages. A truck requires the right amount of diesel to function smoothly, and the diesel injector has to supply fuel at the right time. 

If the diesel injector is faulty, diesel may flow at the wrong time or even in excess. In such a scenario, the smell of diesel will be rampant in your truck. 

Engine Check Light

The engine check light will appear on the dashboard whenever your truck develops issues. When the light appears, it is necessary to scan the ECU error code. 

Scanning the error code will help you determine the cause of the appearance of the engine check light. The glow plug might be faulty if the engine misfires accompanying the check light. Check the condition of the glow plugs before checking the diesel fuel injector.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Your truck will consume more fuel when the diesel injector is faulty. Apart from increased fuel consumption, the performance of your truck will reduce. The efficiency of your truck will decrease, and if you delay checking the cause, it can escalate into other issues that might be costly to fix.

Hard Start

A faulty diesel fuel injector will not let your engine start. Instead, it will crank and fail to start immediately. If you experience such, consider checking the diesel fuel injectors.


A faulty diesel fuel injector can reduce the performance of your truck, increase fuel consumption and give your truck other complications. The above are the common signs you should know to help you determine if your truck has a faulty diesel injector.

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