Easily Choose Between Diesel and Petrol Trucks

The primary role of an engine is converting chemical energy into mechanical energy. The process involves a chain of small explosions that occurs differently depending on the engine type. Trucks generally have either diesel and petrol engines. 

In a petrol engine, the fuel mixes with the air then the pistons compress the mixture as the spark plugs spark it. On the other hand, in the diesel engine, the air gets in first and heats as compression occurs, then the diesel is introduced into the combustion chamber.

Here is an in-depth comparison between diesel and petrol trucks that will aid you in making a decision on which to buy.

Difference Between Diesel And Petrol Trucks

What really differentiates diesel and petrol engines? You will learn how these two trucks differ in cost, towing, fuel economy, maintenance cost, lifespan, and resale value.


When shopping, a diesel truck’s price is relatively higher than the petrol counterpart. If you need a truck for basic use, it is better to check the price and go for petrol-powered trucks instead of diesel-powered ones. But, if you put other factors into consideration and have the money, consider buying a diesel-powered truck.

Towing Capability

Diesel trucks produce more torque than petrol trucks. Their higher torque gives them an upper hand when it comes to towing. Consider buying a diesel truck if you want a truck mainly for towing heavy loads.

Fuel Economy

Diesel engines are generally 35% more fuel efficient than petrol engines. Diesel has more energy making it efficient under normal circumstances. When towing, diesel engines suffer a drop in MPGs, but not as petrol engines. 

Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining a diesel engine is relatively high compared to a petrol engine. Although if properly maintained, diesel engines last longer. The cost of maintaining an item of a diesel engine might be twice more than that of a petrol engine. 

Modern diesel trucks have a complex exhaust system that ensures their emissions are environmentally friendly. If the diesel exhaust fuel malfunctions, the owners usually part with thousands of dollars to fix the faulty DEF.

Life Span

The building of diesel engines gives them an extended lifespan. Diesel engines are heavier and sturdier to get the work done. It does not matter which type of engine you choose. Performing regular maintenance gives your truck the longer lifespan you deserve.

Resale Value

As soon as you start driving your brand-new truck from the dealership, it depreciates. Trucks are not the best investment scheme because they depreciate very fast. But, a diesel truck’s resale value is relatively high compared to the petrol counterpart.


Choosing the best truck solely depends on your needs. If you need a truck for towing, a diesel engine will give you power and reliability and serve you for many years. But if you do little towing and want to own your truck for many years, depreciation will not bother you. In this case, buying a petrol-powered truck is the best deal.

No truck can fit all your needs because truck owners use them differently. It is necessary to know why you want a truck and make the right decision when buying a truck

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