Dealing With Japanese Mini Truck Oil Leaks

Japanese mini trucks are great vehicles that dominate the lightweight truck class. Their popularity has been surging over the years. These vehicles which have their origin in Japan are well-engineered something evidenced over the years they have been in use. And today, we have the best that one could want from them. Their compact design and small engine size make them the best economical truck for people looking to spend less acquiring a vehicle and running it. This is because even when it comes to fuel, it consumes way less as compared to other vehicles like the pick-up trucks. However, like any other vehicle, there are some issues that Kei trucks experience. Besides mechanical issues, there are other things like oil leaks. In this guide, we will be focusing on dealing with Japanese mini truck oil leaks.

Oil leaks are not very common, but it is something that is experienced once in a while. It is therefore important to know how to tackle this issue. There are several reasons why an oil leak might occur. For an amateur, this is something that can be very disturbing. However, after going through this article, you should be able to easily troubleshoot this problem and have the vehicle running as normal.

Dealing With Japanese Mini Truck Oil Leaks

Here are some of the surefire ways that you can count on when dealing with Japanese mini truck oil leaks.

Gasket Seals

One of the main reasons why an oil leak could occur is because either the gasket seal is worn out or isn’t closed tightly. The gasket seals usually made of high quality rubber materials is responsible for tightly bonding between two metallic surfaces. And if this rubber is worn out either due to too much heat over time or any other reason, it could be disastrous. To confirm whether it is the gasket, check on the contact surfaces to ensure that the seal is in good shape.

Loose or Broken Filler Cap

Yet another common cause of the oil leak that you could be experiencing is when the filler cap is loose or when it is broken. This is not very common since the filler cap don’t break every now and then. Ensure that the filler cap closes tightly and is not letting out any oil.

Too Much Oil

Sometimes having too much oil can cause some leakages. There are limits to the amount of oil that one can use in their vehicle engines as well as in the gear box. Failure to which you can experience oil leakages.


Shared above are just some of the reasons why you may experience oil leak. It is something that may happen to every mini truck owner, and it is important to know what to do under such circumstances. Regularly keeping check of these instances will help you achieve quality services from your kei truck.

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