Daihatsu Hijet Key Blank

Daihatsu Hijet is one of the most popular Japanese mini trucks that one can find in the market today. It stands out from the rest and is soaring in terms of popularity. It was intended to be used in the Japanese market, but has become very popular and is now been sold across the US among other countries. Maintaining and taking good care of it is however the best way that one can get good service from the vehicle. There are many things that could go wrong if you do not take care of the mini truck. Among some of the forgotten things that catches people unawares is the Daihatsu Hijet key blank pieces. Sometimes there is need to have a good key but its hard finding them. In this guide, we will go through how you can tackle this problem with ease.

How The Ignition System Works

Every vehicle needs an ignition system. Without an ignition system, the vehicle cannot start its engine and you cannot move. So, what exactly doe the vehicle’s ignition system have? Below we focus on how the ignition system works in a vehicle. The modern vehicles with automated switches works a little different. Every vehicle has its own unique key but it is worth mentioning that models in many vehicles will often work interchangeably. For instance an ignition key of one Daihatsu Hijet would work on another similar vehicle. But it cannot work on a vehicle like Honda Acty.

Basically, a vehicle’s ignition key has the purpose of connecting the necessary cables and wires to turn it on. It is more of a button that turns on the vehicle, and this is more practical and easy to understand in modern vehicles. With modern vehicles you can press a switch and turn on the vehicle explaining how it works.

What is a Key Blank?

A key blank is a term that is used to describe a key that has not been cut according to the different biting. It basically comes without any cutting so that it is general and can be customized to suit different purposes. There are many key blanks that one can come across and it is important especially when you cannot find a replica of the original. You will however need to make sure that the customization as far as biting are created to match the one been replaced.

For instance if you are looking for a Daihatsu Hijet key blank, you should ensure that the key biting is the same as the old one. This is the best way that you can be sure the key will work for the ignition of the mini truck. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a key that doesn’t work.


Japanese mini trucks have always stood the test of time. And Daihatsu Hijet is one of those vehicles which you will love. Shared above are some details on its blank key.

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