Daihatsu Hijet Engine – Improving Daihatsu Hijet Engine Performance

Daihatsu Hijet is a small vehicle in the mini-truck class. The vehicle runs various engines depending on the generation. For example, the eleventh generation is powered with either 658cc KF-VE I3 or 658cc KF-DET I3-T gasoline engines. These engines are estimated to cover between 15 to 19 kilometers per liter. They are very economical and give the vehicle adequate power for daily activities. This guide will give some tips on improving Daihatsu Hijet engine performance.

Improving Daihatsu Hijet Engine Performance

Performance in this context refers to how long the engine can serve you without breaking down and how much power can it constantly produce as it serves you. Consider the following practices for your engine to serve you for long without experiencing any serious mechanical problems.

Do a Regular Engine Oil change

Oil is a crucial component in the Daihatsu Hijet engine. Oil plays the role of cooling the engine from the heat generated from the combustion between fuel and air. Oiling a vehicle also ensures that various parts of the engine run smoothly. This tedious work performed by engine oil makes it become worn out. When the engine is overused, the engine will never deliver the required power, and if ignored, the engine can completely fail to function. Ensure that you replace your engine oil after completing the required mileage; this will help boost your engine’s lifespan.

Always Change the Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are located at the heads of every cylinder in your vehicle. The plugs are essential in igniting the cylinder’s mixture of air and fuel. The combustion in the cylinder produces the power to propel the vehicle. This role makes the spark plugs wear out and develop suit. When they wear out, it becomes hard for the engine to ignite, so it is recommended to change them regularly.

Do regular Engine Checks

Regularly check your engine to ensure that it is in good shape; this will help you know the timing belt’s condition and other components that can kill the engine when it is not in good shape. A regular check-up will help you realize earlier enough complications that your engine will likely develop.

Regularly Clean Your Engine

When your engine is clean, you will quickly note any oil leakage and identify where it is coming from. The valve or gasket cover are common areas that usually leak in the engine. Leakage, if identified early enough, can prevent serious mechanical issues. Regular cleaning of the engine also prevents the accumulation of rust in the engine. If rust accumulates in the engine, then the engine is likely to break down with time.


The engine is like the brain of a car. Without it, then, a vehicle is just a shell. It is what is controlling the entire vehicle and thus should be well taken care of. The above-discussed tips, if well practiced, will help you to improve the performance of your Daihatsu Hijet engine. A well-taken care engine will save the owner from regularly visiting the garage and become less expensive to maintain.

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