Daihatsu Engine – A guide

The Daihatsu Engine has seen a great many revisions over the years. Kei trucks with their engines could have different performance capabilities. This depends upon the generation that you choose. Knowing the differences in which engines are available is critical to anyone seeking to purchase a Diahatsu Kei Truck. The various engines of Diahatsu are the fundamental difference between this and other Kei trucks. Other models include the Honda Acty, Suzuki Alto, and Subaru Sambar. If you have ever wondered about the engines of a Diahatsu, read on.

Daihatsu Engine shown for a turbo engine.

The early years

The first-generation models have engines that are far below the standards of modern Kei trucks. The speeds and the transmissions were substantially different. On the first generation models, you had a 356cc, 2-stroke engine. Additionally, the engine was air cooled. Transmission availability on the first-generation models is a 3 speed.

This standard on the engine remained for the second generation. It was in the third and fourth generation that the engine and the transmission options were updated. In the third generation, there was the option of having a 4-speed manual transmission. The four-speed option carried on to the new generation. The fourth generation of the Daihatsu Kei Trucks upgraded the engine to the more powerful 547cc engine.

Multiple engine options

The 547cc has remained as the option for the Daihatsu Kei Truck. However, there are other options available in the older models. Specifically, look at the sixth generation. With these you have the option of two more engine sizes. These sizes include an 843cc CD20 and a 993cc CB41. With the addition of these motors, they also updated the transmission to allow for a 5-speed manual transmission.

It is important that you know the engine type of any sixth-generation model that you choose. Sixth generation engines are mid-engines. From the sixth generation to the current generation, the engines continued to develop. Most notably, the engines were updated to a 796cc and a 993 cc. Also, there was a 1295cc engine in the seventh generation. The 1295cc does not continue past the seventh generation, however. Neither does the 796cc. But the 658cc continues and is available on models up to the current Daihatsu Kei Truck generation.

Modern Daihatsu Engines

The current Diahatsu Kei Truck engine is offered in a variety of options. Being in its tenth generation, the engine has seen tremendous upgrades. First, you have the option of a 658CC or a 659cc engine. And Turbo-powered engines are also available in a 998cc motor. The engines give out 38 to 43 horsepower, allowing the vehicle to reach speeds up to 47mph. This speed is ideal for city and town navigation. Also, the placement of the engine is a front mid-engine layout. Driving is available in front wheel drive or in 4WD depending upon the type of engine you choose.

Besides the changes in the power of the Daihatsu engine, you also have changes in the transmission. The tenth-generation models come with a 3 to 4 speed automatic transmission. Those wishing for manual transmissions can have a 5-speed option.