Custom Japanese Used Mini Trucks For Sale – Choosing the Right Mini Truck

Ever found yourself at a crossroads of wondering which type of mini truck you should go for? There is no debate on Japanese mini trucks. Their unquestionable performance and low cost of maintenance makes them a priority among many other utility vehicles. But which one should you choose?

There are a number of Japanese mini truck designs that one can go with depending on what they need to use if for. Making a decision based on this is important since it will serve you based on what you are using it for. In this guide, we will go through the various mini truck customizations, explaining which mini truck fits where.

The Various Custom Japanese Mini Trucks

Dump Bed Mini Truck

This is the most common type of mini truck that you see around. They are multipurpose and can be used to carry almost anything as long as it is within its weight limit. The added functionality of this mini truck that let it dump loads is something that many people love. If for instance you are carrying sand using this mini truck, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a spade to start of loading it. Instead the dump feature is used to raise the bed and do the offloading.

Flat Bed mini truck

Flatbed mini trucks are mini truck that has been designed with a totally flat bed, as the name suggests. These mini trucks are ideal for carrying abnormal, medium weight loads which might not perfectly fit well under closed bed mini trucks. The mini truck allows you to lay almost anything on its back as long as it is able to stay stable without tipping over the sides.

If you are however carrying something like mixed concrete or anything that needs to stay in place as you are moving, you may have to look the other way— a dumb bed mini truck would be good for that.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck

Scissor lift mini trucks are mini trucks that raise their bed uniformly to a higher level. These are mostly useful if you are planning on lifting the goods to be offloaded on a higher level or when loading something on a higher level. The height that it can raise depends on the scissor lift hydraulic system used.

Skylift Mini Truck

Ever needed something that helps you reach a certain height to maybe fix something on top of the pole? If so, a mini truck that has the Skylift functionality is what you need. These mini trucks have been customized with unique hydraulic powered lift equipment that is used to raise loads or people to higher levels.

It may sound like it costs a fortune to put us such a feature, but you’ll be amazed at how these mini trucks come affordable.

Caravan Mini Truck

Caravan mini trucks are enclosed mini trucks that you can’t see through them. They are meant to carry fragile goods or those that one might not want exposed.

If you are thinking of starting a small food truck business or something similar which involves carrying around stuff in a closed truck, then you will find this to be an ideal option.

Importing A Custom Japanese Mini Truck

Of course there are other options of getting your mini truck other than importing it from Japan, but there are tons of advantages with the importing option as compared to buying it directly from your local car dealer. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider the Japan important option;

Way More Affordable

Many local dealers exploit people who they sell to and if you are not careful enough, you will end up paying double the cost of a custom mini truck. Even with the custom charges and the shippjign costs included, importing a mini truck from Japan can save you tons of cash. After all, the vehicle dealer is out to make a profit. Unless you need the vehicle urgently and can’t wait for a few weeks to have it imported, you should really consider importing it from Japan.

More Variables To Choose From

Let’s consider a situation that one is looking for a Skylift mini truck. These mini trucks being rare, might be even harder to find in your local car dealer. And when you find it, you will have few or even no options to compare it with. On the other side, if you choose to import from a Japanese car exporter, you will get the chance to compare tons of them which in turn guarantee you will get a good mini truck.

Reliable And Dependable Vehicles

Mini trucks have a long history in Japan and they have for long being used to run daily errands. With the years, anybody who has got their hands on these vehicles can attest that they are of high quality and their reliability is just perfect. Also with the fact that they are made by some of the global leading automakers, you shouldn’t have doubt on how they perform. Some of the best known mini tucks in the industry includes Daihatsu Hijet, Honda Acty, Suzuki Carry and Mitsubishi Minicab. All these vehicles come as either 4 Wheel drive for off road users and 2 wheel drive option for those who will be mostly using it on less murky roads.

Final Word:

There are many utility vehicles around, but due to the fact that they are expensive and perhaps lacking when it comes to doing some tasks, it is advisable to get one that has been customized for you. The use of custom Japanese mini trucks is on the rise and is something that you should give much thought, especially given that they offer distinct performance and come at a bargain.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these custom mini trucks from Japan, then we recommend that you go through the variety that we have in our listings page. They have been inspected by our in-house professionals and you can definitely inquire without hesitation.  We also do the hard part of shipping for you to a major port of your choice.

We have been in the industry for many years and have served thousands of people across the globe. Get in touch with us for any inquiries and more information on any vehicle that you need from Japan.

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