Considerations When Making a Mini Truck Clutch Replacement

The mini trucks with manual transmissions are fun to drive because they create a cordial connection between the driver and the vehicle as the driver changes the gears. What brings this connection is that when they demand a new gear, you will feel the sound the engine will produce. As a driver, you should step on the clutch pedal and change the gear using the gear lever. Stepping on the clutch pedal creates a temporary disconnection between the two shafts as the vehicle is in motion. The clutch does a backbreaking function in a mini truck. It is due to this fact that the clutch wears out with time. You will be forced to change a new clutch if yours wears out. When replacing your clutch, you should be aware of the parts that you need to change. Here we go through the considerations when making a mini truck clutch replacement.

5 Considerations When Making a Mini Truck Clutch Replacement

As a mini truck owner, you will have to replace your clutch. Some specific parts work hand in hand with the clutch, which you should consider changing.

Thrust Bearing

The thrust bearing gives the clutch the freedom to spin as you engage the gears. The regular function of the thrust bearing makes it wear out due to rough use, inadequate lubrication, and if the clutch is not adjusted correctly. The thrust bearings should also be changed whenever you change the clutch disk.

Pressure Plates

The role played by the pressure plates can make them develop cracks or even bend. It is always cheaper to replace the clutch disk alone, but it is necessary to fit in new pressure plates when replacing the clutch disks.

Transmission fluid

The manual transmission needs proper lubrication; therefore, whenever you replace the clutch, spend a little cash to buy and refill the transmission fluid. It will help to reduce serious gearbox problems caused by friction.

Clutch Fluid

The worst scenario when driving is when your clutch sticks to the floor when you step on it. It can result from problems with the hydraulic system, primarily in case of corrosion. To prevent this, when changing the clutch disk, your mechanic should drain and refill the clutch fluid between the slave and the master cylinders.

The Slave Cylinder

It is a hydraulic arm that presses the clutch fork. Whenever you press the clutch pedal, it moves in and out. Your daily driving exposes the slave cylinder to a lot of stress, making it wear out and leak. When doing the clutch maintenance, consider replacing the slave cylinder


Most parts of the clutch work hand in hand. The wearing out of a given amount causes another to wear out. As a result, you ought to know which parts wear out simultaneously and replace them when replacing the major parts. Doing this will save you from regularly visiting your mechanic and spending more money to make repairs on damages resulting from these silent ignored parts. This guide has highlighted some parts you can consider replacing when replacing the clutch of your mini truck.

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