Considerations When Choosing Timing Belt For Your Mini Truck

All minitrucks except the electric minitrucks use the internal combustion engine. For the combustion engine to operate effectively, it has to have a timing belt. This belt plays the role of synching the rotation between the crankshaft and the camshaft. If the crankshaft and camshaft operate smoothly, other parts like the pistons will effectively function. Like other parts of a minitruck, the timing belt wears out, and you will feel it by how your mini truck will behave. If you experience the following, prepare to buy a new timing belt.

  • Your engine starts to misfire.
  • Your engine starts to make a tickling sound.
  • You realize oil is leaking from the motor.
  • Your minitruck starts to produce abnormal fumes.

Having prior knowledge before purchasing a new timing belt is essential. These are factors when choosing timing belt for your mini truck.

Considerations When Choosing Timing Belt For Your Mini Truck

You should be able to know the type of belt that your Kei truck is using. Knowledge of the belt type is necessary to help you choose the belt compatible with your mini truck. And also will save you from buying either a small or big belt. Some timing belts are imported, so if you import a bad one, the procedure for transporting it back to the manufacturer might be time-consuming and costly.

The Material Used in Its Manufacture

Material is necessary to determine the durability of the timing belt. Timing belts are made of two different materials rubber and plastic. The rubber timing belt is black, while the plastic timing belt is light in color. Plastic timing belts resist abrasion, which lasts longer than rubber timing belts. You will see the difference even before touching it. Choosing that timing belt that will serve you for a very long time is necessary before breaking down.

The Pitch of the Timing Belt

Pitch is the length between the center of the tooth to the pulley. The measurement of the teeth varies depending on the type of teeth. For example, the rounded teeth are measured in mm, and the squared teeth are measured in inches. The knowledge of pitch will enable you to choose the suitable timing belt for your mini truck.

The Width of the Timing Belt

Timing belts have different widths. The new timing belts have the markings of size and the manufacturer. It is necessary to know the timing belt size that fits your mini truck. A small or big timing belt might not properly function in your mini truck.


The timing belt is essential for coordinating the movement of the engine’s parts. It harmonizes how these parts function to produce power transmitted to the wheels of your mini truck. The timing belt’s role exposes it to tear and wear, and you will note this when your minitruck starts to behave weirdly. Such behavior will compel you to buy a new one. There are different types of timing belts in the market. This guide has highlighted what you need to know before purchasing a timing belt for your mini truck.

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