Considerations Before Installing Turbo In A Mini Truck

Japanese mini trucks are undoubtedly great vehicles that are lauded for their high performance. These are some of the reasons why they have become popular across the globe. However, sometimes people need more power and performance from their vehicle. And as much as there are many ways to tweak a vehicle for performance, not many would come near the use of turbo. A turbocharged vehicle pushes the vehicle beyond their limits giving off a lot of power and torque. In this guide, we will go through some of the crucial considerations before installing turbo in a mini truck.

What is a Turbo?

Before looking at the considerations, let us first look at what a turbo is and what it does. What is a turbo?

Turbo is a colloquial term for turbocharger. A turbocharger is a device that uses forced induction to increase the rate of engine fuel combustion. In short, it increases the rate at which fuel is burned. The result of this is the engine pistons move much faster hence increasing the speed and power in a shorter time. It is the reason why a turbocharged vehicle is able to increase its speed and power.

Is it Worth Having a Turbo In a  Mini Truck?

Japanese mini trucks are just like any other vehicle out there. users can sometimes feel that they could get better performance from their vehicle. It is therefore something worth considering having a turbo in a mini truck. There are already many people doing this and getting more power and better performance.

Considerations Before Installing Turbo In A Mini Truck

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you are considering installing a turbocharger in a mini truck.

Finding The Right Turbocharger

Perhaps the first thing that one should be concerned with is the turbocharger they are installing. Not all turbochargers are the same. Some are better than others in terms of size, performance and compatibility. When opting to get a turbocharger, it is important to do your research and make sure that the one you are getting is ideal for you mini truck. Usually, a small turbocharger is enough to boost the mini truck to its potential.


Installing a turbocharger might seem easy for many people, but in many cases, they do not get installed properly. This leads to the whole system not functioning or not getting the best out of a vehicle. To make sure that it is properly installed and working correctly, it is advisable to work with an expert in this.

Compressor Turbine Alignment

Another thing worth noting is that the housing and the set up of some vehicles could be an issue. Often at times there is need to rotate the inlet compressor or the outlet turbine to fit well. It is something to keep in mind if you are doing the installation yourself.

Having been in the mini truck world for many years, we have seen a rise in the use of installation of turbochargers on these kei trucks. They work well.

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