Common Suzuki Carry Mechanical Problems

Suzuki Carry is among the most popular Japanese mini trucks that one can find in the market. They are designed to offer incredible performance and quality service to the users. These are some of the reasons why these vehicles are soaring in popularity. However, like any other vehicle or moving machine, you need to make regular changes and fixes for it to perform as required.  In this guide, we will go through some of the common Suzuki Carry mechanical problems. This should help you better understand this vehicle and the problems it has so that you can be prepared beforehand.

Fuel Pump Problem

Fuel pump and injector pump problem is a problem that is common to some vehicles and not only with the Suzuki Carry. Some people have complained of fuel and injector pump problems with some older models of the Suzuki Carry mini trucks. Without a properly functioning fuel pump or injector pumping mechanism, the vehicle will not run. Although this problem isn’t persistent with all models of the Suzuki Carry, it is a known issue among some. It mostly causes problems of fuel flow.

In most of these cases, you just have to change the fuel injector pump. However, for some other cases, it might be a problem that is not within the injector pump. Some additional features which come with advanced technologies such as EFI may also be a problem if the vehicle has this capability. Such problems could be related to pressure of the fuel which can be crucial since the fuel may not be reaching the right points at the right time.

Engine Idle Speed

Among the problems that the Suzuki Carry owners have reported to have is with the idle speed of the engine. Most people have complained of having their engine cutting out when set to run on idle speed. Some people have complained of this problem being persistent even after making some replacements and quick fixes like fan-belt, air filter and fuel pump replacement.

So, how do you fix this idle speed issue? Your ability to fix the idle speed problem in your Suzuki Carry depends on your experience. IF you have good experience with Suzuki Carry or similar vehicles such as other Japanese mini trucks, then it will be somehow easier. But if you are an amateur, then we recommend you consider gettign an expert to diagnose different things of the vehicle.

If you are an expert though, then you need to do a complete diagnosis. It might however not be fuel related. Some of the things to check out are the CDI unit, the voltage on the vehicles well as the regulator. If the battery is getting old, then perhaps it is time you considered a new one. Such are usually the cause to this problem.

Hydraulic System Problems

Japanese mini trucks such as the Suzuki Carry which have a dump bed and other hydraulic systems have reportedly had lifting issues. Most of the issues are related with lifting heavier loads. Although a load may be within the required limits, the hydraulic system of these vehicles sometimes fail to deliver. Other times you will find that it will lift then starts to release slowly without it being triggered. This can be a really bad problem because the vehicle is not delivering or working as it should be. You need a stable hydraulic system that is solid and dependable.

How does someone fix a faulty hydraulic system? Fixing the hydraulic system in a dump bed mini truck isn’t hard. There are common causes to this. One of the most common one is air leak. When there is air inside the hydraulic system, then it can cause inefficiency issues. The solution to this is doing bleeding. To do this, you need to raise the hydraulic system to its maximum, leave it for sometime so that you can remove all the air out. Once this is done, lower the hydraulic to about 2 feet from the chassis and also leave it for some minutes. Once this is done, you can expect the system to work fine. Something else that needs to be done is to regularly change the lubricating fluid. Leak seals should also be checked and replaced more often to avoid any kind of leaks.

The hydraulic system also need to be well taken care of and avoid exposure since this can cause problems.

Gear Problems

Another Suzuki Carry mechanical problem you are likely to face is with the gears. The gears can fail to lock properly. An example is a situation where the reverse gear grinds while you are putting it. This is mostly due to the problem with the clutch. The clutch is meant to be pressed to allow the gears to lock into position before it picks. This is also something that other vehicle owners will experience with different vehicles.

The process of fixing a clutch shouldn’t be very hard. In many cases it is about tightening and setting it to the right adjustment so that it gets to release the gears at the right position. This should seamlessly fix the grinding issue and the difficulty of gears switching.


Suzuki carry mechanical problems are like with other vehicles. The vehicle in general is considered very reliable, but of course there is that time when some glitch comes up. Shared above are some of the mechanical problems that you may encounter with the Suzuki Carry mini truck. We have also outlined some quick fixes and how to approach these common issues. Hopefully, it helps you make some necessary fixes to your Suzuki Carry.

Suzuki Carry, like many other Japanese mini trucks remain dependable vehicles. We have been dealing with kei trucks for many years. Should you need one, then we are ready to help you find the right used kei mini truck to buy. We have plenty of them in our Japan-based auto yard. Browse through them and choose one to buy. We can help you by giving you more details and also with the shipping process regardless of where you are.