Common Kei Truck Braking Problems

The brakes are an integral part of any Kei truck. Drivers rely on it for better control. When you are approaching bumps, the brakes will help you to slow down and climb the pumps smoothly. More importantly, the brakes reduce impacts in case of an accident. The brakes will help you park your mini truck after a long day’s work. Here are some of the most common kei truck braking problems that you are likely to experience.

Common Kei Truck Braking Problems

Sideways Pulling When You Apply Brakes

When you realize that your Kei truck pulls towards a particular side when you apply brakes, one of the calipers might be faulty. The calipers generate the pressure which stops your Kei truck. The side pulling indicates that the calipers do not apply pressure evenly. The existence of impurities like dust or water particles might cause your calipers to apply uneven pressure when braking.

Vibration on the Brake Pedals or the Steering When Applying Brakes

It has several causes that relate to damaged rotors. If the front rotors are damaged and become irregular, you will feel this when braking your Kei truck.

If your Kei truck has stayed for a long time at the parking yard, the rotors will start rusting, and you will experience this when you are braking.

Screeching or Ear Damaging Sounds Drum 

If you apply brakes and they produce a loud and sharp sound to your ears, it is a warning of lousy brake pads. The sound warns that the brake pads are worn out, and the metallic parts come into contact with the brake disk. When you hear this sound, consider changing your brake pads as soon as possible.

When the Brake Pedal Becomes Soft

If you step on your Kei truck’s brake pedals and feel they are offering abnormally less resistance is a sign that there is a problem. Sometimes it can go to the floor without stopping your mini truck instantly. If you experience this, stop your mini truck and check the braking system. The leakages from the braking system are the common cause of this problem. When you experience it, check if the master cylinder is leaking.

Brake light Check Warning on the Dashboard

If your Dashboard shows the brake light warning, it alerts you of minor or major problems with your braking system. If it is a minor issue, consider fixing it alone, but if it is a significant issue, visit a mechanic for to help fix the braking issue.

This light comes when you ignite your Kei truck and does not go off until you switch off your engine.

When You Feel a Smell of Something Burning When Braking

This smell is not usually pleasant and can worry. It indicates that the brake is overheating. You can feel the smell when you have just put a new braking system.


The role played by a Kei truck’s braking system stresses it and wears out with time. When they wear out, they will be ineffective, and driving a vehicle with faulty brakes on the roads is dangerous. This guide has addressed some problems associated with a flawed braking system.

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