Common Gearbox Problems In Trucks

The gearbox is the most important part of the transmission system, but there are many gearbox problems out there. The delivery of power from the engine to the wheels is a process that involves several mechanical components, such as the gearbox. The gearbox does its role by rotating continuously to transmit the right amount of power to the wheels.

The rotation and grinding expose the gearbox to wear and tear that malfunctions. Before malfunctioning, the gearbox develops several problems, and here are some common gearbox problems.

No Acceleration

Among top gearbox problems has to do with acceleration. Lack of acceleration is a common gearbox problem your truck will experience. When driving, sometimes you will realize that your truck takes time to accelerate once you shift gears. The delay usually exists in manual transmission trucks but should not take more than one second. 

You will experience this problem when your clutch’s components are faulty. Due to this, your truck’s clutch will be active even after shifting and this minimizes power transmission to the wheels. 

Fluid Leakage

Like any other rotating truck component, the gearbox requires fluid for lubrication and smooth running. When you notice drops of liquids under your truck after parking for long hours, it is likely to be the transmission fluid leaking. 

Consider finding out the cause of the leakage and top up the transmission fluid as soon as possible. The transmission fluid never evaporates and thus should be at a proper ideal level for the lubrication process to take place effectively.

Truck Shakes and Produces a Grinding Noise When Shifting Gears

Under normal circumstances, your truck should not be shaky when shifting gears. If such happens, your gearbox is likely to be faulty. If your clutch plates are worn out, your truck will shake whenever you completely press down the clutch pedal. 

Slipping Gears

If you own a manual transmission truck, the gears should work only when you command them. Sometimes when you shift gears and press the gas pedal, your truck might jerk off and fall back to the previous gear. Sometimes, the gears can shift into neutral. 

Slipping gears damages the essential components of the gearbox and can also endanger your life. Factors such as a damaged shift fork can lead to gear slipping. When the forks are damaged, they will not be able to properly lock to the correct gear, resulting in the transmission shifting back. 

Burning Smell

When driving your truck and you start feeling a burning smell accompanied by poor gear shifting, there is a high probability that the smell originates from your gearbox. The smell usually results from the overheating transmission fluid. The role of the fluid is to cool down the heat from the friction of the gearbox components. When the heat is too much, the transmission fluid becomes less effective and accumulates more heat which leads to the production of a burning smell when driving. 


The gearbox is an important component of the transmission system. This part ensures that the wheels receive the right amount of power under various driving circumstances. Gearbox usually wears out with time. When your gearbox wears out, you will experience the problems mentioned above.