Choosing The Right Transmission Fluid For Your Truck

Everyone owning a truck strives to give their best in terms of maintenance, but sometimes you might oversee some areas when performing regular truck maintenance. Such areas become soo expensive to repair when they break down. If you want to extend your mini truck’s life and cut maintenance expenses, then choosing the right transmission fluid is important.

Issues such as oil change and fluid top-ups are some preventive maintenance that you can do on your own. Before you start driving your truck, it is necessary to ensure that the fluids are at the right levels. To add to this, choosing the right fluid for your truck is necessary. Keeping up with your truck’s needs might be challenging, but using different liquids is equally disastrous to your truck. The fluid that facilitates your engine’s smooth operation is the transmission fluid. 

The transmission does the role of conveying the power from the engine to the wheels. It is at this place where torque balancing occurs. For it to function effectively, it has to receive lubrication from the transmission fluid. As the transmission fluid does its role, it wears out or sometimes leaks, reducing its quantity. Consider knowing the following when choosing the right transmission fluid.

Consider Changing the Transmission Fluid At The Right Time

The transmission fluid wears out as your truck utilizes it. It is recommended that you change the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. Check the manufacturer’s guide for the best time to change your fluid. The old fluid will flush out when you change the transmission fluid and the filters.

It is necessary to know the right transmission fluid for your truck. Such knowledge will save you from making mistakes that are costly to fix. The transmission fluid cleans and protects the engine components and ensures that your truck operates smoothly under intense temperatures. 

Consider Knowing the types of Fluids

The common types of transmission fluid are Dexron and Mercon. The friction modifier is a type of transmission fluid that is resistant to extreme temperatures from a hot or cold environment, and this quality enables it to give your truck a better performance. 

The truck you drive will tell the type of transmission fluid you should use. For example, the type F transmission fluid is the best for vintage trucks. Their transmission does not have friction modifiers. Newer trucks require transmission fluid with friction modifiers to run well under various conditions. Such trucks will require highly friction-modified transmission fluids. 

Synthetic transmission fluid is another type worth investing your money in. Such fluid is expensive, but this is the kind of fluid that will maintain the performance level of your truck for a long time.


If you truly love and care for your truck, consider changing its transmission fluid whenever it reaches the 3,000 mileage. Doing this will reduce the maintenance cost and performance of extensive service when you perform oil changes. It is necessary to service your truck at a trusted mechanic. Such will check it and tell you what needs to be urgently fixed and what can wait.

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