Choosing The Right Japanese Mini Truck Engine To Swap

Japanese mini trucks have always demonstrated good performance and reliability. Their engineering and good craftsmanship dates back to the 1950s and has since been improving with every new model. They are no longer only loved in Japan, but across the globe. These vehicles live up to its promise. And despite being small and compact as compared to other vehicles like pick up trucks, these vehicles are very cost effective. But like any other vehicle, there comes a time that they start wearing out. Some parts could use some upgrades and among these parts is the engine. Making an engine swap is common with vehicles and this gives them new life. So, if you intend to get more power and torque, you should consider an engine swap. In this guide, we will delve into ways of choosing Japanese mini truck engine.

Choosing The Right Japanese Mini Truck Engine To Swap

Below are some of the things that one should be looking out for when they are choosing the right Japanese mini truck engine for their swap.

Size of Engine

What is the size of the engine that you are getting? Will it fit well under the hood? If the engine fails to fit under the hood properly, then you could face issues with some parts not fitting well in the right place. Take for instance the crankshaft not fitting well. It could be a total disaster. As such, you need to make sure that it is well sized before you buy the engine. Do your research before investing in a new engine. Sometimes it is also worth knowing whether there are other successful swaps using that particular engine.

Weight Of The Engine

Weight of the engine that a person decides to use in their engine swap is crucial. Many people ignore this fact only to be faced with problems when they have already finished. Why is weight a crucial factor? It is a factor because it affects the stability and balance of the vehicle. If for instance you use an engine that is of different weight as the one that came with the vehicle, you could have issues balancing the vehicle uphill. So, it is crucial that you make sure that you have the right weight that is as close as possible to the one that was there.

Have a Realistic Budget

One of the most important things that one shouldn’t forget is to make sure that they have a good budget in mind. Without a good budget in place, then you could easily fail because you could stumble upon things you didn’t expect. You need to not only factor in the costs of the engine but also the labor costs as well as the cost of customizing parts.


Kei trucks have always stood the test of time. Their performance and reliability are on another level. Shared above are ways to make an engine swap without much hassles.

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