Choosing The Right Jack For Your Truck

How do you go about choosing the right jack for your truck? A jack is a device that raises your truck off the ground. They come in various designs. Some are hydraulic, while others are mechanical. The mechanical jacks have a screw or lever that they crank as they lift your truck. At the same time, hydraulic jacks have a hydraulic cylinder under pressure to lift huge and heavy objects.

The primary role of an automotive jack is to raise your truck but not to keep it there. If you want to maintain the suspension level of your truck, you will need two jack stands. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Right Jack For Your Truck

When choosing the right jack for your truck, consider these few factors.


Consider the weight of your truck when choosing the right jack. If you need a jack to perform simple jobs, a 2-ton jack is the best option, but you can invest in one with more capabilities. An ideal jack for your truck should reach ¾ of the overall weight of your truck. Usually, the weight of your truck is on a sticker on the driver’s side door jam. 


A clearance factor is essential if your truck is modified, slightly close to the ground, or has delicate side skirts. There are low-profile jacks. They are about 2 to 3 inches and can easily roll under your truck. Most trucks have the standard 5 inches and above-ground clearance, which means even the floor jack can easily roll below them. 


Lifted trucks have maximum lifting heights. For this reason, a jack that is serving a Volkswagen golf well may not reach to lift a ford F 150 truck and get its wheel off the ground to perform a tire change. 

Types of Jacks For Your Truck

You will need a jack when changing your tires, looking for leakages below your truck, changing brake pads, and changing oil. There are various jacks suitable for your truck in the market. Here are some of them.

Bottle Jack

It looks like a cylindrical container. It is a hydraulic jack that uses pascal’s law to function. It has two cylinders, a smaller one with a piston inside and connected to a hinge from the outside. It has a lever that lifts your truck when turned. 

Floor Jack

It is a hydraulic jack whose working principle is similar to a bottle jack, but they differ in design. The bottle jack transmits the force vertically, while the floor jack has an arm in which the lever pushes the hydraulic fluid to turn upwards, and the force is transmitted from horizontal to vertical. 

Scissor Jack

It has two arms connected with a hinge with a screw running on them. When the screw turns clockwise, the hinges move closer, lifting your truck. 


Jack is an essential tool for truck owners. You will need it for various basic and complex truck maintenance. There are various jacks in the market. Consider the above factors before buying one. This guide has outlined all you need to know when choosing a truck jack. 

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